What Is The VPN And How It Works?

- April 17, 2020
Hello, friends, my name is Waseem and I am from Waseem Tech1 Website Today we will tell you what is VPN From where does our search reach after applying VPN

What is a VPN?

VPN full form virtual private network VPN If we want we can make it at home There is not much to do, just a Web Hosting buy has to be done by putting a proxy in that hosting VPN Gets ready VPN works only through the proxy

Now explain in simple language what is VPN

Suppose the Facebook.com website has been blocked in our country. We can no longer access Facebook Will use VPN here Because VPN is a virtual private network, it will not be the IP address of our country When we search facebook.com, that search will go to our ISP ISP has a full form of Internet service providers  Our ISP will feel that only the IP address of the VPN we are using has to be searched. the ISP will not block the search, it will your search transfer to the VPN server

From there, VPN will find Facebook IP address and will be accessible to the Facebook.com site
Many people have this combustion, we cannot be traced by applying VPN But this thinking is wrong. VPN is also traced because that too works through the IP address.

It is better to use a free VPN?

found in Google Play Store or search on Google can get many free VPN.
free VPN Are The disadvantage of using a free VPN is that whatever you search, you can store data in the free VPN server
After applying VPN when you search anything Or if you do some illegal work, the free VPN will easily catch you
After applying a free VPN, whatever you search, your Data can be used as well.

That is why trees are not as dangerous to use paid VPN
Paid VPN can store your data in this server but it does not Miss use your data.
The best thing is to make your own home VPN
Nothing is too difficult to make your own VPN He needs to buy a web hosting VPN is created by adding proxy to that web hosting
The web hosting to which VPN will add Proxy Your data will be stored in that web hosting But no one will know that what we do by applying proxy to this server or to the website
If you want to buy a paid VPN, then you should do a paid VPN from an official website.
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