Get miniature YouTube on Android

- May 02, 2020
Many of you use Youtube and love this Google service.
However many of us do not necessarily have "Youtube Premium" / "Youtube Red"
This is unfortunate because one of the very interesting features of Youtube Premium is to be able to use another application while keeping an eye on Youtube!

The Magic formula!

You just need to open a full-screen YouTube video from another application than Youtube.
Example (s):
  • Google News
  • Google Chrome
  • etc ...
When your video is in full screen, click on the "Home" button (central button of the smartphone).
The video should now go into " miniature " mode

The limit of this Hack

All good things have an end.

This Hack unfortunately only allows you to watch one video at a time.
On some videos, you may not be able to manually or automatically switch to the "previous" or "next" video.


In return, we could perfectly imagine a third-party application that allows you to view and manage a Youtube video before it ends & go to the next.

Demonstration video

As usual, a short video that will explain how to do this.

Dyrk is still alive, don't worry. Even if I have much less time to research, explore, and deepen certain subjects...

Know that I am doing my best;)

I hope you like this little hack. I tested it on an Elephone, a Samsung and a Huawei ( Android version between 6.0 and 8.0 )