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8 Easy To Learn Programming Languages for Kids

If you like computers and software you must have heard of programming. Programming is the use of a programming language to carry out any task from printing letters to making apps. From the operating system to the websites you see online, all are made from scratch by people who know how to talk to the computer through programming languages.

Does that mean it’s hard? Well, it’s not the easiest skill on the planet but if you have interest and you practice well, you can make it easy for yourself. About choosing the right languages to learn, here we are with the 8 languages that you should learn as a kid if you are just starting out!!!

8 easy languages:

1: Scratch

If you are starting from scratch we recommend you start with Scratch! As the name indicates it’s a very beginner-friendly language that has blocks instead of text that you can create, and move around. The blocks are color-coded to make the language visually easy to understand.

Scratch was developed by the Scratch foundation and is freely available. Scratch is specifically designed for children aged 8 to 16. A child can make games, apps, characters stories, etc. with the help of scratch making learning fun!!

To be a good programmer you need to be creative, reason systemically and you need to learn how to work in collaborations. These skills are taught very well by this language.

2: C++

C++ is versatile and foundational to many other languages. Learning C++ (C-plus-plus) you can develop apps on many platforms. It works on a compiler-based approach which is simple and effective. C++ can help kids make applications for windows and become familiar with the essence of programming and problem-solving.

You will find many short courses, lectures, C++ boot camps, etc. that offer great resources and guidance regarding the language so do check that out!!!!

3: Python

Did you know that YouTube and Instagram were developed using Python? Exciting right!! With that motivation in mind let me tell you that python is also considered a very easy language to learn as a beginner. It’s text-based and is based on the commonly spoken English language.

To get started all you need is to download is it from the official site and also download a text editor like “Spyder” or “Pycharm” to run your code.

Python is used for simple things like games to artificial intelligence. So it’s a great investment of your time that can help you become a high in demand programmer one day. In case you run into a problem there are great resources and a huge community out there to answers all your queries about Python.

4: Java

Wanna learn the language used by most programmers in the world? If so, then you should learn Java. From Twitter to Google, Java has been responsible for creating platforms we use each day. The best part is that it’s mostly used to make apps and video games that a young child is most interested in.

Java isn’t easy but it’s definitely rewarding and fun so we added it to this list. For the kids who have some prior experience in programming, they should consider learning java as well. Download it for free and get started!!

5: Lua

Lua (Loo-Ah) means the moon and was created in Brazil at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. It is lightweight, designed to be easily embedded, and has general features which can be used to solve many problems.

Is it easy? Well, like Python it can be learned fast and it offers easy embedding!! If you are into games this language is the best option, to begin with. From Adobe Photoshop to angry birds, Lua is becoming more popular with time and so learning it can be a great choice if you wish to be a programmer in the future.

6: C#

If you know Java then learning C# will become easier. C# (called C-sharp) is very similar to Java and thus learning it will help you learn Java and vice versa. That’s called killing two birds with one stone. You can create games, web, and windows applications using C#.

It’s a commonly used language and can be learned as a first programming language.

7: Java Script

To learn text-based coding Java Script is a good option. If a child knows python or scratch they can move forward and learn Java Script. It’s a great addition to your coding knowledge. It is used for front-end applications and client-facing applications.

As a kid, you will be able to convert simple documents to games and applications after learning JavaScript. Sounds cool!!!

8: Ruby

This one has a simple syntax and is very thoughtfully designed. It’s used for web applications with Rails which brings hard concepts along. It is connected to object-oriented concepts and can be a good start to some.

It’s designed to be easy to remember, natural, consistent, and the syntax is developed to avoid appearing intimidating to beginners. It provides a great coding experience but to develop web applications with it you need to know programming to a certain extent.


In this article, we introduced you to 8 coding languages that are great for kids as their first language. Python is easy, Ruby has a simple syntax but it becomes hard while you develop applications, C++ is the foundation to a lot of other languages out there, Scratch is the best language to get a beginner’s idea of what coding is like.

Java is a common language to make apps and games and Lua provides ease of embedding at a fast pace. C# is very similar to Java can help you make games and apps. About Java script, it is a good option for those who know some basics of programming but is great to make for front-end applications and client-facing applications.

Do check out support pages, lectures, and courses for all the above options as that is also a great deciding factor. Which language you use really depends on what you aim to do so make sure you keep that in mind while choosing the language that starts your coding journey!!!

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