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Alchemy Stars Tier List Best Characters (May 2024)

In this article, we will discuss the alchemy stars tier list. This post will help you to know more, so read this blog post.

Alchemy Stars was recently released, and in a short time, this game has millions of downloads—a game developed by Tour Dog Studio. So, we will help you learn more about characters and tier lists from this article. And then it is straightforward for you to play this game and win every battle.

Alchemy Stars Tier List

Let’s begin and read the complete Alchemy start tier list guide and become a better player.

Top Lightning Units

The six-star-protected light units are Beverly, which can change tiles and create modern tiles. Vivian, who can harm enemies. And Mia, which can damage the screen regardless of the tile.

  • A-Rank: Keating Choir, Mia, Nemesis, Vivian, Beverly, Schwartz, Dayna
  • B Rank: Unimet, Kafka, Rabbie, Nadine, Tessa, Amy, Eho, Ansia, Lilliam, Angel
  • S Rank: Wrath, Gronru, Michael, Irridon

Top Fire Units

Fire units are fast to stay out of six stars, which can change the tiles and damage the area with a particular blow. The Equator can do two chain combinations with two fire units. Barbara, who is silent with a guaranteed charm with red tiles, and Alice, the primary fire healer, are essential characters for Single Fire and Game.

  • A-Rank: Istvan, Regina, Barbara, Leona, Maggie, Faust
  • B- Rank: Joanie Boom, Tiny One, Brock, Chainsaw Rick, Pepi, Patty & Patsy, Nails, Sork & Bekk
  • S-Rank: Victoria, Alice, Charon, Jona, Eicy, Uriel

Top Water Units

Water units are clicks to protect from the six stars, which can change the state of fear of tiles and chains. Flush, which is a teleportation GP. And Noah, a healing shield with an astonishing amount of it in his kit.

  • A-Rank: Noah, Corax, Hydrad, Barton, Barton, Vice, Philyshy, Kleken
  • B Rank: White Dwarf, Constantine, Michenny, Zoya, Korgon, Seleucid, Ms. Blanc, Kuma & Pengy, Jane, Chloe
  • S Rank: Raphael, Sharona, Bethlehem, Sariel, Connolly, Carleen

Top Forest Units

Forest units are contracted to keep out of six stars, which can change the tiles and produce upgraded tiles, turning snow bowling into more tiles. Lewis, a chain combo doctor with some volume, and Cuscuta, who can repel enemies while dealing with good damage.

  • A-Rank: Areia, Louise, Cuscuta, Pact, Robyn, Sikare, Odi
  • B- Rank: Wendy, Sylva, Jomu, Dove, Ophina, Leah, Uriah, Jola, Lester, Clover
  • S- Rank: Gabriel, Hiiro, Bikinis, Migard

That’s all alchemy stars tier list. We will update this blog post if there is a new update. After reading this blog, I hope you learn more about the Alchemy Stars game. If you have any questions or doubts in your mind, please leave a comment we will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

Fortunately, with the help of our Alchemy stars tier list, you will know for yourself which characters to use in each situation. It is important to note that the balance in the rankings is likely to change frequently with updates and new characters, so be sure to come back here often to stay updated. We’ve also included step-by-step instructions on how to lift alchemy stars.

It should be noted that the letters are divided according to their element so that it is easy for each element in the level list to understand the level of each character. Since players will choose any element attribute when creating their team, they will divide the list this way. This will help them make an easy decision.

The list of levels is based on the number of characters and stars. As it is clear that a 6-star rated character will be stronger than a 3-star rated character, the lower stars are judged based on their rankings.

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