Alvanor Hero Wars

Alvanor Hero Wars

Alvanor is a super-powerful character in the hero wars, Alavnor is an old age character. The developers build this new character to make a more interesting hero war. We know you are a lover of hero wars and you want to know more about alvanor hero war character.

Alvanor has superpowers to fight with enemies. If you want this character then you need to achieve this character and get their superpowers to complete levels. Alvanor supports and defends you from enemies. So the best part is alvanor healing power is doubled if the healing is applied to Elf class heroes.

If an alvanor has low armor so this is a weakness of alvanor. they cannot defend themself from enemies.


Rune of Earth

Alvanor explores all the areas to protect the allies from enemies. While Rune is active, the Allies suffer less damage from larger attacks. Earth’s Rune is still active for the elves.

Rune of Life

Alvanor means a part of life that heals one another in a second. Although Rune is active, all of Eleven’s allies are twice as effective through healing.

Runes of Ice

Alvanor threw 5 asphalts in front of him and threw them at the enemies. Each run moves towards the nearest enemy, destroying and lowering the target.

Rune of Fire

Alvanor demanded the power of the fire raven and brought it in front of the two closest opponents. Every target does magical damage.

Alvanor Hero Wars

As he slept, he saw the sacred gutters blazing with devil’s fire, Alvanor has been on a long sanctuary for thousands of years, waiting to be called back for battle.

the fragrant stench of the living dead coming out of the ancient tombs, and the triumphant roar of the orcs on the battlefield. Alvanor took off the strange cover and again ran to save his men.

Alvanor is a core part of the entire team. He provides excellent maintenance skills for his team. Although it is expensive to lead an entire XI team (Aurora, Eleanor, Kai, Dark Star, and Thea), this team is rarely seen in the upper ranks of the arena.

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