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Anime Adventures Tier List (June 2024) Best Units

Here is the anime adventures tier list; this is the perfect guide for knowing which characters perform well. The tier list exposes everything about characters, and then you can easily select the exemplary character, which is easy to play and win.

Anime Adventures Tier List

The anime adventures tier list ranks each unit in the game based on its power and usefulness, so you can easily decide which units you should prioritize and use on your team.

With this list, you can maximize the units you bring to your team and ensure you’re using the strongest ones available. Get ready to take on any level with confidence!

Anime Adventures Tier S+

Unit Rarity Type Tier
Bulmy Legendary Ground + Farm S+
Brulo Mythical Ground S+
Kisoko (Bankai) Secret Ground S+
Natzo Mythical Ground S+
All Force Mythical Ground S+
Kizzua (Whirlwind) Mythical Ground S+
Goju Mythical Ground S+
Red Scar Mythical Ground S+
Gray Mythical Ground S+
Lulu Secret Ground S+
Gone (Adult) Mythical Ground S+
Ichi (Final Dusk) Mythical Ground S+
Itadoki Mythical Ground S+
Ezra Mythical Ground S+
Jokujo (The World) Mythical Ground S+
Akin Mythical Ground S+
Asto Mythical Ground S+
Tatsumiki Mythical Ground S+
Denjy Secret Ground S+
Lord Boron Secret Ground S+
Sonic Mythical Ground S+
Todorro (Half) Mythical Ground S+
Kent Mythical Ground S+
Getu Secret Ground S+
Puchi Mythical Ground S+
Angel Mythical Ground S+
Geno (Overdrive) Mythical Ground S+
Chainsaw Mythical Ground S+
Julio Mythical Ground S+
Aizo (Final) Mythical Ground S+
Emili Mythical Ground S+
Coyote (Primera) Mythical Ground S+
Jelly Secret Hybrid S+
Weather Mythical Hybrid S+
Toshin Mythical Hybrid S+
JIO (Over Heaven) Secret Hybrid S+
Meruam Mythical Hybrid S+
Metal Knight Mythical Hill S+
Cel (SUPER PERFECT) Mythical Hill S+
Yono Mythical Hill S+
Soi Fan Mythical Hill S+

Anime Adventures Tier S

Unit Rarity Type Tier
Speedcart Epic Ground + Farm S
Marada Mythical Ground S
Mochi Mythical Ground S
Aokijo Mythical Ground S
Neteru Mythical Ground S
Yamo Mythical Ground S
Toby Mythical Ground S
Kit (Evolved) Secret Ground S
Renzi Secret Ground S
Megomu Mythical Ground S
Kobeno Mythical Ground S
JIO Legendary Ground S
Pito Mythical Ground S
Blackhair Legendary Ground S
Noruto (Beast Cloak) Mythical Ground S
Super Chunks Mythical Ground S
Ice Queen Secret Ground S
Lucky Mythical Ground S
Bang Mythical Ground S
Kenpaki Mythical Ground S
Yuto Mythical Ground S
Kisoko Mythical Ground S
Whitehair Mythical Ground S
Ging Mythical Ground S
Ichi (Full Hollow) Secret Ground S
Yamomoto Secret Ground S
Power Mythical Ground S
Ariva Mythical Ground S
Jolyna Mythical Ground S
Luci Secret Ground + Summoner S
Erein Legendary Ground + Summoner S
Orwin Legendary Hybrid + Summoner S
Akano Mythical Hill S
Levy Mythical Hill S
Saicky Mythical Hill S
Zeike Legendary Hill S
Uru (Antithesis) Mythical Hill S
Android 21 Mythical Hill S
Fire Fist Secret Hill S

Anime Adventures Tier A

Unit Rarity Type Tier
Noruto (Demon Cloak) Legendary Ground A
Shingo Legendary Ground A
Tarata Mythical Ground A
Broke Mythical Ground A
Blue Devil Mythical Ground A
Hime Mythical Ground A
Future Guhon Mythical Ground A
Eta Mythical Ground A
Haka Mythical Ground A
Hie Mythical Ground A
Agony Legendary Ground A
Hisova Legendary Ground A
Renkoko Mythical Ground A
Kit Mythical Ground A
Touci Legendary Ground A
Ruki Legendary Ground A
Aizo Mythical Ground A
Crush Mythical Ground A
Kazeki (Centipede) Legendary Ground A
Gone Legendary Ground A
Kazoru Legendary Hill A
Peruna Mythical Hill A
Cel (Semi-Perfect) Legendary Hill A
Mecha Freezo Legendary Hill A
Ulquiro Mythical Ground A
Juozu Mythical Ground A
Togu Legendary Ground A
Wenda Legendary Hybrid A

Anime Adventures Tier B

Unit Rarity Type Tier
Bakayua Epic Ground B
Kizzua Epic Ground B
Juvy Legendary Ground B
Akoku Legendary Ground B
Ermo Mythical Ground B
Tango Mythical Ground B
Moriu Mythical Ground B
Armein Mythical Ground B
Magnu Legendary Ground B
Norro Legendary Ground B
Chunks Legendary Ground B
Goko Blue Legendary Ground B
Diavoro Mythical Ground B
Gajule Legendary Ground B
Grim Jaw Legendary Ground B
Dabo Legendary Ground B
Ghacco Mythical Ground B
Nightmare Luffo Legendary Ground B
Jiorno Legendary Ground B
Luffo (Marine’s Ford) Epic Ground B
Mivawk Legendary Ground B
Gaaro Epic Ground B
Todorro Epic Ground B
Jokujo Epic Ground B
Lao Epic Ground B
Ichi (Masked) Epic Ground B
Croc Epic Ground B
Cel (Imperfect) Epic Hill B
Karyoin Epic Hill B
Itochi Legendary Hill B
Nobaba Legendary Hill B

Anime Adventures Tier C

Unit Rarity Type Tier
Inosoku Epic Ground C
Sanjay Rare Ground C
Zennu Epic Ground C
Kumo Mythical Ground C
Underhaul Epic Ground C
Goko Black Legendary Hill C
Freezo (Final) Epic Hill C
Geno Epic Hill C

Anime Adventures Tier D

Unit Rarity Type Tier
Piccoru Epic Ground D
Kazashu Epic Ground D
Kazeki Rare Ground D
Goko Rare Ground D
Johna Rare Ground D
Zoru Rare Ground D
Ichi Rare Ground D
Sosuke Rare Ground D
Luffo Rare Ground D
Nezuka Rare Ground D
Sakuro Rare Ground D
Noruto Rare Ground D
Bakujo Rare Ground D
Tanji Rare Ground D
Josuka Rare Ground D
Dezu Rare Ground D
Vegita Rare Ground D
Aman Rare Ground D
Urakara Rare Hill D
Krillo Rare Hill D
Usoap Rare Hill D

Mythic, Legendary, and Epic Tier List

Mythic Tier

This is the highest tier reserved for the most powerful and influential characters in a setting.

These characters are compelling and often significantly impact the plot of the story.

Legendary Tier

This tier is reserved for powerful and influential characters but not on the same level as those in the Mythic Tier. These characters often have unique abilities and play a significant role in the plot.

Epic Tier

This tier is for powerful and influential characters, but not as powerful as those in the Legendary Tier.

These characters often have significant roles in the story but do not necessarily have unique abilities or have as much of an impact on the plot as those in the higher tiers.

In Conclusion

That’s all about the anime adventures tier list; we hope this guide is helpful for you. Still, if you have some doubts, please let us know in the comment section.

We will update this article when a new update related to the tier list is available.

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