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Archero Tier List: Abilities, Weapons, Pets & Armor Sets (April 2024)

If you’re looking for the best way to maximize your chances of staying alive and eliminating all enemies in the mobile game Archero, then our Archero Tier List is just what you need.

We’ve ranked all the weapons, abilities, heroes, pets, armor sets, and equipment in the game based on real-player experience. With our tier list, you’ll know which weapons, armor sets, pets, and equipment are the best for your hero so you can stay alive and survive the most demanding challenges Archero offers.

Archero Tier List – Best Characters

In archero so many heroes are available that deciding which ones are the best can be challenging. Many beginner and old players are confused about choosing a new player. Here we shared a complete archero tier list to know which character performs well.

So then, you will not lose your coins and other items in the game to purchase or get new heroes.

Archero Tier S

Archero Hero Names Tier
Sylvan S
Shade S

Archero Tier A

Archero Hero Names Tier
Meowgwik A
Ayana A
Ryan A
Helrix A
Ophelia A

Archero Tier B

Archero Hero Names Tier
Rolla B
Phoren B
Onir B

Archero Tier C

Archero Hero Names Tier
Bonnie C
Taranis C

Archero Tier D

Archero Hero Names Tier
Shari D
Urasil D

Archero Tier E

Archero Hero Names Tier
Atreus E

Best Archero Abilities

In Archero, abilities are important in determining a character’s success. With over 15 different types of abilities, it can be challenging to determine which ones are best for your character. To help players find the best abilities for their build, we have created an Archero ability tier list.

Archero Abilities Tier S

Archero Abilities Tier
Ricochet S
Multishot S
Extra Life S
Front Arrow S
Rage S

Archero Abilities Tier A

Archero Abilities Tier
Speed Plus A
Dodge Master A
Wingman A
Attack Plus A
Invincibility Star A
Crit Plus A
Slow Projectile A

Archero Abilities Tier B

Archero Abilities Tier
Attack Boost B
Spirit Blaze B
Crit Master B
Agility B
Spriti Freeze B
Strong Heart B
Dwarf B
HP Gain Aura B
Crit Aura B
Speed Aura B

Archero Abilities Tier C

Archero Abilities Tier
Headshot C
Piercing Shot C
Water Walker C
Through The Wall C
Diagonal Arrow C
Giant C
Shield Guard C
Bouncy Ball C

Archero Abilities Tier D

Archero Abilities Tier
Grace D
Freeze D
Holy Touch D
HP Plus D
Dark Touch D
HP Boost D
Attack Speed Boost D
Blaze D
Smart D
Bolt D

Archero Abilities Tier E

Archero Abilities Tier
Spirit Poisoned Touch E
Bold Star E
Fury E
Frost Star E
Poison Touch E
Blazing Star E
Spirit Bolt E
Toxic Star E

Archero Abilities Tier F+

Archero Abilities Tier
Bolt Strike F+
Fire Strike F+
Frost Meteor F+
Toxic Strike F+
Bolt Meteor F+
Blazing Meteor F+
Frost Strike F+
Toxic Meteor F+

Archero Abilities Tier F

Archero Abilities Tier
Chilling Blast F
Spirit Multi-Shot F
Death Nova F
Rear Arrow F
Death Bomb F
Shadow Clown F
Spirit Front Arrow F
Side arrow F
Side arrow F
Summon One-Eyed Bat F
Swords (Fire, Bolt, Toxic, Freeze) F
Circles (Fire, Bolt, Toxic, Freeze) F

Best Armor Set

Here is the best armor set tier list to know which armor is best in archero.

Armor Set Tier S

Archero Armo Set Tier
Shadow Robe S
Bright Robe S

Armor Set Tier A

Archero Armo Set Tier
Phantom Cloak A
Vest of Dexterity A

Armor Set Tier B

Archero Armo Set Tier
Golden Chestplate B
Void Robe B

Best Archero Weapons

When it comes to picking the best weapon in Archero, it can be tricky due to the fact that there are 7 weapons to choose from, each with its own unique stats and base attacks. To make the decision easier, we have divided the weapons into tiers.

Archero Weapons Tier S

Archero Weapons Tier
Brightspear S
Stalkerstaff S
Gale Force S

Archero Weapons Tier A

Archero Weapons Tier
Brave Bow A
Death Scythe A

Archero Weapons Tier B

Archero Weapons Tier
Saw Blade B
Tornado B

Archero Co-Op Weapons Tier

Archero co-op weapons and archero weapons are different.

Archero Co-Op Weapons Tier S

Archero Co-Op Weapons Tier
Tornado S
Brave Bow S
Gale Force S

Archero Co-Op Weapons Tier A

Archero Co-Op Weapons Tier
Brightspear A
Saw Blade A

Archero Co-Op Weapons Tier B

Archero Co-Op Weapons Tier
Death Scythe B
Stalkerstaff B

Best Pets and Spirits

Pets in Archero play an essential role in helping players utilize the Wingman ability to prevent damage. There are six Spirits, each with its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

Pets and Spirits Tier S

Pets and Spirits Tier
Laser Bate S
Flamming Ghost S

Pets and Spirits Tier A

Pets and Spirits Tier
Noisy Owl A

Pets and Spirits Tier B

Pets and Spirits Tier
Living Bomb B
Scythe Mage B


That’s it all about Archero. I hope this collection on the Archero tier list is helpful for you to know more about heroes and easily select any player that is perfect for you. We will update this list when some new updates are available.

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