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Battle Night Tier List: Best Battle Night Cyber Squad

In this article, we will talk about the battle night tier list. So after reading this blog post, you are ready to select the right hero which one is perfect for you. I know you are confused about which one is good and spend your resource on this hero so don’t worry after reading this blog post you will easily select your hero.

Battle Night Tier List

We will share with you all tier lists step by step so read the article carefully. I hope after reading this one blog post you don’t need to read any other blog to read more about the battle night tier list. We provide you a to z information to increase your knowledge and become a pro gamer.

Hero= Camp= Total Tier= PvE= PvP:

  • Poll Machine S S S
  • Nymeria Tamer S S S
  • Wassily Martial S S S
  • Arngreene Fallen S S S
  • Misteltein Fallen S S S
  • Iggy Fallen S S S
  • Sayung Hacker S S S
  • Beamon Hacker S S S
  • Samuel Hacker S S S
  • Gilbert Machine S- S A+
  • Phoebe Tamer S- A+ S
  • Vidar Tamer S- S A+
  • Raphael Nature S- A+ S
  • Sreateh Machine A+ A+ A+
  • Nintu Tamer A+ A+ A+
  • Charlotte Martial A+ A+ A+
  • Beckinsale Martial A+ A+ A+
  • Harpe Nature A+ A+ A+
  • Legolas Nature A+ A+ A+
  • Dreyfus Fallen A+ A+ A+
  • Gasol Hacker A+ A+ A+
  • Sone Machine A A+ A
  • Garuda Tamer A A A+
  • A Zhao Martial A A A+
  • Kratos Nature A A A+
  • Skadi Fallen A A A+
  • Westerly Martial A- B A+
  • Phonoi Nature A- B A+
  • Christina Hacker A- A+ B
  • Minamoto Machine B+ B A
  • Fino Hacker B+ A B
  • Caitlyn Nature B B B
  • Patroclus Nature B B B
  • Grinborth Fallen B B B
  • Rowen Hacker B B B
  • Elva Machine C+ B C
  • Naomi Machine C+ B C
  • Arteta Tamer C+ C B
  • Cassini Tamer C+ B C
  • Caledon Tamer C+ B C
  • Arae Tamer C+ C B
  • Junene Martial C+ B C
  • Khun Martial C+ B C
  • Billy Martial C+ B C
  • Tiger Martial C+ B C
  • Camilla Nature C+ B C
  • Lyse Nature C+ B C
  • Thane Fallen C+ B C
  • Evelynn Fallen C+ B C
  • Attis Fallen C+ B C
  • Daria Hacker C+ B C
  • Heloise Machine C C C
  • Finley Machine C C C
  • Black Machine C C C
  • Leah Tamer C C C
  • Archer Tamer C C C
  • Dawn Tamer C C C
  • Hanna Martial C C C
  • Caroline Nature C C C
  • Eunice Nature C C C
  • Tucci Fallen C C C
  • Alisha Hacker C C C

So that’s all we collected list for you to read and know more about the battle night tier list. I hope you get what you want. If you have some questions or any other information please share with us through the comment section we are happy to help you.

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