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Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List (July 2024)

You want to know the cookie run kingdom tier list, which characters rank up and down. Here in this blog post, we will share all the details to read and know about the cookie-run kingdom tier list.

So, after reading about the cookie run kingdom tier list, it will help you select the best player for your team, increasing your chance of winning the game.

We cover all the points about Cookie Run Kingdom for you to know more about this game and become a better player. Also, read about cookie run kingdom codes.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier S Cookies

Cookie run kingdom tier s rank up because this tier is so powerful with powerful characters. S-tier players have more power from the tiers; this s-tier character will destroy enemies. Down below, the s-tier character list is ready; now look at this list.

  • Parfait Cookie – S Tier
  • Wildberry Cookie – S Tier
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie – S Tier
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie – S+ Tier
  • Cotton Cookie – S+ Tier
  • Clotted Cream Cookie – S Tier
  • Hollyberry Cookie – S+ Tier
  • Caramel Arrow Cookie – S Tier
  • Frost Queen Cookie – S Tier
  • Eclair Cookie – S+ Tier
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie – S+ Tier Tank
  • Crunchy Chip Cookie – A+ ~ S Tier
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie – S Tier Support
  • Dark Cacao Cookie – S+ Tier
  • Sea Fairy Cookie – S+ Tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier A Cookies

Tier A cookies are suitable for PVP and PvE modes; You can select players for a tier for both modes to play. Down below, we listed all a-tier characters to know more.

  • Mint Choco – A Tier
  • Dark Choco – A Tier Unit
  • Squid Ink Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Mala Sauce Cookie – A Tier
  • Pomegranate Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Almond Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Rye Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Vampire Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Cream Puff Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Latte Cookie – A Tier
  • Mango Cookie – A Tier
  • Cocoa Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Raspberry Cookie – A Tier
  • Affogato Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Snow Sugar Cookie – A Tier
  • Herb Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Tiger Lily Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Black Raisin Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie – A Tier
  • Espresso Cookie – A Tier DMG
  • Kumiho Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Twizzly Gummy Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Cherry Blossom Cookie – A ~ A+ Tier
  • Licorice Cookie – A Tier
  • Tea Knight Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie – perfect for guild boss

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier B Cookies

Tier-B cookies are not so powerful but good if you have just started. You can use tier-B characters to play the game, but you will lose if your enemies have more assertive characters.

  • Sparkling Cookie – B Tier
  • Lilac Cookie – B+ Tier
  • Pastry Cookie – B Tier
  • Milk Cookie – B Tier Tank
  • Madeleine Cookie – B+ Tier
  • Red Velvet Cookie – A+ Tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier C Cookies

C-tier cookies are not so good to play in PVP or PVE modes, C-tier players will not give you doo results. You will lose the battle if your enemies have good players.

  • Sonic Cookie – C Tier
  • Fig Cookie – C Tier
  • Purple Yam Cookie – C Tier
  • Tails Cookie – C Tier
  • Chili Pepper Cookie – C Tier
  • Werewolf Cookie – C Tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier D Cookies

Tier D characters can’t fight with other tier characters; you will lose the battle. So, in our opinion, do not select tier-d characters to play battles.

  • Knight Cookie – D Tier
  • Strawberry Cookie – D Tier
  • Muscle Cookie – D Tier
  • Beet Cookie – D Tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier E Cookies

Tier E cookies are the worst cookies in the cookie run kingdom; yes, E-tier cookies are the last ones and have less power than other tiers.

  • Alchemist Cookie – E Tier
  • Ninja Cookie – E Tier
  • Clover Cookie – E Tier
  • Wizard Cookie – E Tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Reroll Guide

That’s not easy to reroll, but it’s tricky in a cookie run kingdom. We will cover all methods to reroll in the Cookie Run kingdom game.

  1. Lanch cookie run kingdom game through a guest account
  2. Then play Cookie Run Kingdom until you reach level 3
  3. The next step is to redeem promo or coupon codes.
  4. The next step is to summon your cookies.
  5. After doing this, you will reroll, but maybe you will not. Then follow the below steps.
  6. Now log out.
  7. Again, follow the whole process to try your luck for rerolling.


That’s all. I hope this cookie run kingdom tier list guide helps you select which player is perfect for you. Also, share this blog post with your friends playing the cookie run kingdom game to select a player.

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