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Destiny Child Tier List & Rerolling Guide (February 2023)

Destiny child is a popular game, Here we are sharing with you the destiny child tier list to know which characters perform well and which characters have different powers. So read this blog post till the end to know more about the destiny child character tier list.

While we are playing the destiny child game we don’t know about characters which character perform well and then we purchase characters and we losing resources here we are going to share with you a complete destiny child tier list to select the right character that you want.

After reading this blog post about the destiny child character list then you can improve your gaming skills and you will not lose your resources on the wrong characters.

Destiny Child – A Quick Introduction

Destiny Child is a popular mobile game developed by SHIFT UP Corporation, and NextFloor and released in 2016. It is a gacha-style game, meaning that players can collect characters by spending currency, either in-game or real money. The game follows a turn-based battle system, where players use teams of up to five characters to battle against other players or computer-controlled opponents.

The game has a unique art style and features a variety of characters inspired by mythological figures and popular culture. Each character has unique abilities and can be further augmented by fusing them with other characters. Players can also collect items to strengthen their teams, and they can participate in a variety of events to earn rewards.

Destiny Child is free to play, but players can purchase in-game currency to speed up their progress. There is also a subscription service that gives players access to additional content and rewards.

Destiny Child is an enjoyable game for both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Its unique art style and characters make it stand out from other games in the genre, and its engaging battle system makes for a satisfying experience.

Destiny Child Tier List

A tier list helps you to understand which character is more powerful and different from the other Because we are new and don’t know which character is worth it and which one is worthless. So it’s really helpful for beginners to know more about destiny child tier list characters.

Destiny Child Tier S

If you want to get ahead in the game, then the Destiny Child tier S characters are the way to go. These characters are the strongest, most effective, and most versatile in the game.

With their help, you can easily improve your game and increase your chances of winning. So, if you want the best of the best, then the Destiny Child tier S characters are the ones to focus on.

Destiny Child Characters Role
Mona Tank
Chang’e Attacker
Saturn Attacker
Salome Attacker
Dana Tank
Neptune Support
Pomona Healer

Destiny Child Tier A

If you happen to be lucky enough to have a Tier A character in your possession, consider yourself fortunate! These characters are incredibly powerful and capable of tackling almost any challenge.

While they may be difficult to come across, they are absolutely worth the effort. Make sure to use them wisely and to their full potential!

Destiny Child Characters Role
Eve Attacker
Bastet Attacker
Siren Attacker
Bathory Debuffer
Astraea Healer
Syrinx Healer
Thanatos Attacker
Maat Healer
Thisbe Support

Destiny Child Tier B

Although Tier B characters may not be able to handle the most difficult tasks, they can still be very valuable members of your team. They can be relied upon to complete most challenges and are quite strong but may find it difficult to compete against the most skilled opponents.

Destiny Child Characters Role
Freyja Attacker
Nicole Attacker
Jacheongbi Attacker
Elizabeth Attacker
Hildr Attacker
Mafdet Attacker
Ayane Attacker
Daphnis Attacker
Abaddon Attacker
Khepri Attacker
Athena Defender
Bes Defender
Tamamo Debuffer
Krapmus Debuffer
Tiamat Debuffer
Rita Debuffer
Demeter Healer
Deino Healer
Pantheon Support
Leda Support

Destiny Child Tier C

C-tier characters should be replaced without delay. Though they are not wholly ineffective, there are better alternatives available.

Destiny Child Characters Role
Kasumi Attacker
Ziva Attacker
Bari Attacker
Serval Attacker
Annie Attacker
Davi Attacker
Cleopatra Attacker
Medb Attacker
Kubaba Attacker
Eochaid Attacker
Cain Attacker
Tyrving Attacker
Ailill Attacker
Banshee Debuffer
Moa Debuffer
Iphis Debuffer
Midas Debuffer
Olga Debuffer
Katherine Debuffer
Isolde Debuffer
Jupiter Debuffer
Eshu Tank
Mars Tank
Hades Tank
Makoto Healer
Rusalka Healer
Metis Healer
Aria Support
Wodan Support
Epona Support
Lisa Support
Brownie Support
Anemone Support
Skiing Eshu Support
Pallas Support
Giltine Support
Myrina Support
Failnaught Support
Durandal Support
Luna Support
Leo Support
Miku Support
Raccoon Defender
Marie Rose Defender
Calypso Attacker
Frej Attacker

Destiny Child Tier D

You should stay away from these characters. Tier-D is lower tier and does not have much power, if you do not have other characters available then you can use them.

Destiny Child Characters Role
Lan Fei Debuffer
Limos Debuffer
Nirrti Debuffer
Babel Debuffer
Billy Debuffer
Neamhain Debuffer
Luin Debuffer
Nine Debuffer
Pan Debuffer
Daoine Sidhe Defender
Mammon Defender
Keino Defender
Venus Healer
Rin Healer
Honoka Healer
Brigid Tank
Catherine Tank
Diablo Tank
Morgan Attack
Ashtoreth Attack
Hestia Attack
Werewolf Support
Sytry Support
Doryeong Support
Naias Support
Verdelet Support
Ganesha Support

Destiny Child Tier E

It is not recommended to use characters in tier E as they are not very powerful and are not beneficial in most situations. These characters are not reliable in combat and should only be used as a last option. Whenever possible, it is best to avoid using these characters.

Destiny Child Characters Role
Red Cross Debuffer
Thetis Debuffer
Santa Claus Debuffer
Horus Defender

Destiny Child ReRoll Guide

Destiny Child is a popular mobile game featuring collectible characters and strategic combat. It is a gacha game, meaning that players can obtain new characters through a randomized system.

Re-rolling is a popular strategy in which a player starts a new account to obtain the best possible characters. This guide will provide a step-by-step guide on how to re-roll in Destiny Child.

  • Create a new account: To start off your re-roll, you’ll need to create a new account. This can be done through either a Google or Facebook account. Make sure to use an email address and username that you don’t mind keeping, as you’ll need to keep this information for the rest of the re-roll.
  • Log into your Google Account.
  • Complete the tutorial and summon your characters.
  • Open the Google Play Games app and navigate to the Destiny Child section.
  • Tap the menu button (three dots) at the top right and select Settings.
  • Hit the Delete Profile button.
  • Re-enter the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the tiers mean?

The tiers in fighting games are simply an indicator of how a character’s power compares to the other characters in the game. They should not be taken as an absolute truth, so it’s important to use your own discretion when deciding which characters to use in your team.

Do I need to reroll in destiny child?

If you want to get ahead in Destiny Child, rerolling is essential. By enrolling, you can build a strong team with powerful units from the beginning of the game, instead of waiting until later. This will give you an edge and help you progress faster.

What is the difference between a character’s tier and their role?

A character’s tier is a reflection of their overall power and potential, while their role is determined by the type of support or offensive capabilities they bring to a battle. For instance, a character who is adept at healing would be classified as a supporting character, even if they are not particularly powerful.


That’s it all about the destiny child tier list. We share all details about destiny character which character performs well. We will update this when something new updates are available. If you have some questions related to the destiny child game please ask in the comment section.

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