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Eversoul Tier List & Reroll Guide (May 2023)

Eversoul is recently released by kakao games and in just five days this game got 500k plus downloads on the play store here we are going to share with you the eversoul tier list to know which characters have more power and are good to play.

In the eversoul game, there are six factions: Fairy, Humans, Angels, Beasts, Demons, and Undead. In this six fiction, each fiction has a different character with a different specialty, skills, and abilities like, Crowd Controller, Buffer, Debuffer, Cleanser, and Assassin.

Eversoul Tier List

In Eversoul there is 5 tier list from best to worst from this list. Below we share all tier list to know which tier perform well and best for you. So let’s read to know more.

Eversoul Tier S

Characters Class Tier
Jacqueline Striker S
Nini Caster S
Catherine Supporter S
Clara Supporter S
Adrianne Defender S
Miriam Ranger S
Jade Caster S
Vivienne Caster S
Ayame Caster S

Eversoul Tier A

Characters Class Tier
Violette Caster A
Petra Defender A
Claire Defender A
Talia Supporter A
Chloe Defender A

Eversoul Tier B

Characters Class Tier
Eruha Caster B
Nicole Ranger B
Rebecca Ranger B
Mephistopeles Caster B
Cherrie Ranger B
Prim Supporter B
Aira Warrior B
Naiah Caster B
Talia Defender B

Eversoul Tier C

Characters Class Tier
Linzy Warrior C
Flynn Ranger C
Seeha Supporter C
Haru Striker C
Mica Striker C

Eversoul Tier D

Characters Class Tier
Dora Warrior D

How to Reroll in Eversoul

It’s very easy and straightforward to Reroll in an eversoul game. Just follow our steps to easily reroll.

  • First, launch the eversoul game on your device.
  • Then log in as a guest account.
  • first complete tutorial parts and mission.
  • You must need complete tutorial missions you cannot skip them.
  • also complete Prelude Chapter 5.
  • Once you complete these steps, you can roll and summon characters for free.
  • You can reroll for an unlimited time until you get satisfactory results.
  • Then upgrade the tutorial and after this, you access on eversuol game fully.
  • Go to the main menu screen then from there click on mail to collect free rewards 3000x Everstone & 1 Summon Ticket.
  • From this free rewards and ticket you can grab some random characters.
  • If this result is not good for you then you can reroll.
  • Simply go to account settings and click on withdraw.
  • Clicking on withdraw will reset your account settings.
  • Then you can reroll many times as you want to follow these steps.


That’s it about the eversoul tier list character and other performance details. We will update this article soon when a new character is added or something changes in the tier list.

If you have still some questions in your mind related to the eversoul game then drop them in the comment section we will reply to you thanks.

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