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Ezoic Review: Increase Your Website Earnings With Ezoic

In this blog post, I will share with you my honest ezoic review, if you have some doubts in mind after reading this blog post your all doubts will clear. ezoic is a google Adsense certified publisher partner. if you want to double your website earning then you need to join ezoic or get approval and place ads on your website.

So ezoic is not a third party ad network, ezoic is an Adsense publisher partner and if you join ezoic then ezoic optimize you’re earning and give you double earning. ezoic is machine learning for publishers to increase their earnings.

What is Ezoic?

Learn everything about ezoic how ezoic works. So let’s talk about ezoic, exactly how ezoic works, and how you can take benefit from ezoic. ezoic is an ad network to improve publishers ‘ earning. ezoic using a machine learning system to learn more about your website and improve your earning. So once you got approval and implement ezoic on your website then ezoic takes 1/2 week to learn more about your website and your traffic then day by day you’re earnings an increase. once you in with ezoic what you will get.

  • Enhanced security
  • Site layout testing
  • Site speed
  • User experience
  • Ad earnings

That is true ezoic is a google certified publisher partner to improve your earning. So I cannot tell you exactly how much you will get on 1k pageview it depends on your website niche and traffic location.

[su_box title=”Ezoic Is Trusted” box_color=”#e80e0e”]Ezoic is a 100% Trusted Google Adsense Publisher Partner, you can trust on this network and place ads on your website, and earn money.[/su_box]

How to Get Ezoic Approval

If you want approval for your website then you need need to follow ezoic guidelines. basically, ezoic following google website quality guidelines plus ezoic have one more own policy if you want approval then you need 10k monthly visitors to get approved by ezoic.

So if you want to monetize your website then make sure you have high traffic from the US, UK, CAN, NZ, and AUS. submit your website to ezoic then the support team email you for the next steps.

[su_box title=”Note” box_color=”#e80e0e”]Ezoic also asks you for google analytics “Read-Only Access” to get approve your website. don’t worry ezoic review your website traffic for approval. every person giving “Read-Only Access” to ezoic.[/su_box]

Ezoic Reject My Website

ezoic is Adsense certified partner and If you have Adsense approval on your website that’s not mean you will also get approved by ezoic. ezoic review your traffic and also your website content. because ezoic is getting low websites for approval so then ezoic deeply checking your website for approval.

  • Site behavior
  • Traffic sources
  • Deceptive site navigation
  • Content Quality
  • Downloading Site
  • Streaming Website

So if you want approval then make sure you follow the guidelines. then you easily get into the ezoic platform and earn extra money. Now join from our recommendation link and get approved faster by ezoic.

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Ezoic Integration

You need to integrate your website with ezoic, simply change your domain name points with ezoic. it takes 5 minutes to integrate. if you currently using Cloudflare on your website then this is easy for you simply connect your Cloudflare with ezoic.

if you are still confused about how to integrate your website then watch the video on youtube then this is easy for you to integrate your website.

Final Thoughts on Ezoic

So this is our short ezoic review I hope your all ezoic doubts clear if you still have some doubts in your mind then please leave a comment I will give you a response and fix your problem.

You really need to join ezoic, if you already running Adsense ads then I recommend you move from Adsense to ezoic and increase your earning.

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