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For Honor Tier List (May 2024) Faction and Playstyle

For Honor is an action fighting game developed and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

In-game, you need a character to play the game; many players don’t know which character performs well, so here we will share an honor tier list to know more about heroes, and then you can easily select characters to play the game.

For Honor Tier List

We share the “for honor tier list” on characters’ performance-based; the game allows players to play as a knight, a samurai, or a Viking.

Players use a variety of weapons, ranging from swords and shields to spears and axes, to attack and defend against their opponents.

The game also features an intricate system of combos, counters, and special abilities that can be used to gain an edge in combat. For Honor also includes a variety of game modes, including a story mode, online and offline multiplayer, and a single-player campaign.

For Honor Tier S+ & S

Tier Heroes Faction Hero Type Playstyle
S+ Tier Warmonger Knight Vanguard Roamer
S Tier Jiang Jun Wu Lin Heavy Roamer
S Tier Conqueror Knight Heavy Mid
S Tier Kyoshin Samurai Hybrid Mid

For Honor Tier A & A+

Tier Heroes Faction Hero Type Playstyle
A Tier Shaolin Wu Lin Hybrid Ganker
A Tier Kensei Samurai Vanguard Mid
A Tier Raider Viking Vanguard Roamer
A Tier Black Prior Knight Heavy Sidelane
A Tier Nuxia Wu Lin Assassin Roamer
A+ Tier Nobushi Samurai Hybrid Mid
A+ Tier Berserker Viking Assassin Roamer
A+ Tier Shinobi Samurai Assassin Ganker

For Honor Tier B & B+

Tier Heroes Faction Hero Type Playstyle
B Tier Zhanhu Wu Lin Assassin Ganker
B Tier Hitokiri Samurai Heavy Roamer
B Tier Gryphon Knight Hybrid Sidelane
B Tier Warden Knight Vanguard Sidelane
B+ Tier Shaman Viking Assassin Ganker

For Honor Tier C & C+

Tier Heroes Faction Hero Type Playstyle
C Tier Valkyrie Viking Hybrid Roamer
C Tier Aramusha Samurai Hybrid Mid
C Tier Warlord Viking Heavy Sidelane
C Tier Peacekeeper Knight Assassin Roamer
C Tier Orochi Samurai Assassin Sidelane
C+ Tier Shugoki Samurai Heavy Mid
C+ Tier Highlander Viking Hybrid Mid
C+ Tier Gladiator Knight Assassin Ganker
C+ Tier Lawbringer Knight Hybrid Mid

For Honor Tier D

Tier Heroes Faction Hero Type Playstyle
D Tier Tiandi Wu Lin Vanguard Roamer
D Tier Jormungandr Viking Heavy Sidelane
D Tier Centurion Knight Hybrid Ganker


That’s all about “for honor tier list” to know which heroes perform well and differ from others. We hope this tier list is helpful for you to select the right hero.

We will update this tier list soon when new updates are available. If you have questions, please drop them in the comment section.

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