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Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List (June 2024) Best Fruits

We know it is difficult for you to choose and use fruit; here, we will share the fruit battlegrounds tier list to know which performs well. After reading this blog post on the fruit battleground tier list, you can easily select the right fruit in the game.

We’ve ranked the different Fruits based on their abilities and effectiveness in battle so you can equip yourself with the best Fruits to take on opponents. With this guide, you can choose the best Fruits for any situation and dominate the battlefield.

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Fruit Battlegrounds offers a wide variety of Fruits, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. To help players decide which Fruits are best for their playstyle, we’ve developed a comprehensive Tier List ranking all Fruits from S (the best) to C (the worst).

S Tier Fruits are the cream of the crop, providing exceptional power and utility to their wielders. On the other hand, C Tier Fruits should be avoided as they offer few advantages and little potential.

Tier S

  • Light
  • Flame
  • Quake

Tier A

  • Rubber
  • Gravity
  • Sand
  • Ice
  • Bomb

Tier B

  • Smoke
  • Dark

Tier C

  • Barrier

Tier D

  • Chop

All Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds

Here is a complete fruit list to know these fruits are available in the game.

  • Rubber – Gomu Gomu No Mi (Uncommon)
  • Light – Pika Pika No Mi (Epic)
  • Dark – Yami Yami No Mi (Rare)
  • Phoenix – Tori Tori No Mi (Mythical)
  • Sun God – Hito Hito No Mi (Mythical)
  • Chop – Bara Bara No Mi (Common)
  • Operation – Ope Ope No Mi (TBD)
  • Quake – Gura Gura No Mi (Legendary)
  • Smoke – Moku Moku No Mi (Uncommon)
  • Gravity (Awakened) – Zushi Zushi No Mi (TBD)
  • Paw – Nikyu Nikyu No Mi (Epic)
  • Dragon – Uo Uo No Mi (Mythical)
  • Flame – Mera Mera No Mi (Epic)
  • Bomb – Bomu Bomu No Mi (Rare)
  • Sand – Suna Suna No Mi (Common)
  • Timeskip Rubbery (Legendary)
  • Ice – Hie Hie No Mi (Rare)
  • Rumble – Goro Goro No Mi (TBD)
  • Magma – Magu Magu No Mi (Epic)
  • Gravity – Zushi Zushi No Mi (Legendary)
  • Barrier – Bari Bari No Mi (Common)


That’s the fruit battlegrounds tier list to know which fruit is better to select; we hope this tier list guide gives you some ideas to play your feature games better.

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