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Girls Connect Tier List & Reroll Guide (Best Characters)

Our Girls Connect tier list is here to assist you. In this guide, we evaluate all the characters and categorize them into different tiers ranging from S tier, the highest, to D tier, the lowest.

The criteria for ranking the female anime characters are based on several factors, such as their physical strength, intelligence, charisma, fighting abilities, and popularity among the anime community. Additionally, the ranking system considers the character’s story arc, character development, and personality.

The Girls Connect Tier List has sparked intense debates among anime fans, with many arguing about placing certain characters in different tiers. Some fans are known to defend their favorite characters passionately and argue that they deserve a higher ranking. We also wrote an article on girls connect redeem codes to get free rewards.

Girls Connect Tier List

The characters in Girls Connect Idle RPG are ranked from the best to the worst. It’s important to remember that tier lists are meant to be informative but not definitive. Although the girls placed in the S rank are generally considered more robust, any of them can excel in the appropriate circumstances.

Girls Connect Tier S

Characters Rarity Class
Niord UR Mage
Utega UR Mage
Aurora UR Support
Mira UR Mage
Tsubasa UR Warrior
Labis UR Mage
Bingtang Frost UR Support
Sigurdley UR Warrior
Gulfing UR

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Girls Connect Tier A

Characters Rarity Class
Sherra UR Warrior
Yuna UR Support
Epsilon UR Mage
Cottonwood UR Support
Arabel UR Mage
Dante UR Assassin
Rin UR Warrior
Specter UR Warrior
Daisy UR Mage
Cadley UR Mage
Leviathan UR Warrior
Puro UR Warrior
Hella UR Mage
Setsu UR Mage
Misty UR
Donley UR Warrior
Nia UR Warrior

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Girls Connect Tier B

Characters Rarity Class
Mirenne UR Mage
Silassia UR Warrior
Bonaire UR Warrior
Petrolia UR Support
Bradley UR Warrior
Nicolas UR Assassin
Kuzunoha Dewasa UR Mage
Bahamud UR
Alice UR

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Girls Connect Tier C

Characters Rarity Class
Rengetsu UR Assassin
Tenjin SRH Warrior
Black Crow SRH Warrior
Lorelei UR Support
Chloe UR Assassin
Rudy SRH Assassin
Kuzunoha Muda UR Mage
Michelle SRH Assassin
Vel UR Support

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Girls Connect Tier D

Characters Rarity Class
Ketty SRH Mage
Shikioni SRH Warrior
Pan SRH Support
Elvie SRH Assassin
Sylas SRH Assassin
Granine SRH Support
Grey Crow SRH Assassin
Liffa SRH Assassin
Sasha SRH Warrior
Averna SRH Support
R. Starsoul R Assassin
Dire Wolf R Assassin
Imperial Witch R Mage

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Girls Connect Reroll Guide

Girls Connect is a gacha game that features a variety of anime-style characters, each with their own unique abilities and skills. Rerolling in Girls Connect means starting the game over multiple times to try and get the best possible starting characters. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reroll in Girls Connect:

Step 1: Play through the tutorial

Once you’ve downloaded Girls Connect, play through the tutorial until you receive your first free summon. This will take a few minutes, but it’s necessary to unlock the ability to summon new characters.

Step 2: Summon characters

After completing the tutorial, you’ll have enough in-game currency to summon your first characters. Use this currency to summon characters until you get a good starting character set. If you’re not happy with your initial characters, delete the app and start again from the beginning.

Step 3: Bind your account

Once you’re happy with your starting characters, bind your account to an email address or social media account. This will allow you to keep your progress even if you delete the app or switch devices.

Step 4: Keep rerolling

If you’re unsatisfied with your initial characters, keep rerolling until you get the characters you want. It can take a few tries, but starting the game with solid characters is worth it.

Step 5: Enjoy the game

Once you have a good set of starting characters, you can start playing the game and building your team. Remember that while having strong starting characters is helpful, it’s unnecessary to enjoy the game or progress through the story.

Rerolling in Girls Connect can be time-consuming but rewarding if you’re looking to start the game with solid characters. Remember to bind your account once you’re happy with your starting characters to avoid losing progress.

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We’ve concluded this Girls Connect Tier List. Don’t forget to save it in your bookmarks to stay informed about future ranking updates. If you want to say anything about this game or have a question, please ask in the comment section. Thanks.

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