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Girls Frontline Tier List (April 2024) Best Team & Characters

Girls Frontline is a popular game, and this game was launched in 2018 by a Chinese company. So, in this article, we will share the girls’ frontline tier list with you to learn more about tiers. Girls Frontline is a mobile RPG game, In this game, you can play and fight with others.

You can guess this game is a female-character game from the title. In this game, you will get only female characters to play. Game developers call characters T-doll; in the game, you can find many T-doll characters to select and customize according to your needs.

You can select T-doll and make your fully customized team play the game. Girls Frontline is a puzzle game Your enemy will attack you anytime and you will face battle, and you need to fight with your enemy to win your battle.

This is an exciting game you need to play to learn more about this game; also, I hope you are already playing this game and know about this game, so here we are with the girls’ frontline tier list to give you more information.

Girls Frontline Tier List

In the game, 100 Plus T-doll is available, and it’s confusing which one is right for you to choose and play the game, So we made a girls’ frontline tier list to give you some information on which one is perfect for your squad.

In this game, you can find six-tier lists S, A, B, C, D, and E, S tier is the most robust tier, and the E tier is the lowest tier list. We will share a complete list to learn more about guns with tiers: Handguns, SMGs, Assault rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns.

Girls Frontline Custom Gift Ideas

Dear commanders, are you ready for Girls’ Frontline’s customized gifts? Customized gifts from GS-JJ/BPS that support free design and free design can show your love and passion for Girls Frontline, such as custom pins and Custom Challenge Coins.

These pins can be worn on bags, clothes, and hats or can be used as exchange gifts for collections. Some fans even have the character or scene printed on their T-shirts or jackets to tell the world they love it.

Girls Frontline Tier S

Tier S is the best dolls tier in the game; You can select a team squad from this tier to defend your team from enemies.

But S-tier dolls are not easy to get; this is difficult for you to get, but it’s worthing.

T-Doll Weapon
Lee-Enfield Rifle
NTW-20 Rifle
IWS 2000 Rifle
WA2000 Rifle
M99 Rifle
Saiga-12 Shotgun
KSG Shotgun
M1887 Shotgun
Suomi SMG
Type 79 SMG
Vector SMG
Thompson SMG
Negev Machine Gun
MG5 Machine Gun
MG4 Machine Gun
G41 Assault Rifle
T91 Assault Rifle
FAL Assault Rifle
G11 Assault Rifle
OTs-14 Assault Rifle
HK416 Assault Rifle
M950A Handgun
Grizzly Handgun
Welrod Mk. 2 Handgun

Girls Frontline Tier A

Tier A dolls are not as powerful as the previous tier S but are good, and this tier is the second tier in the game; you can select a doll from this tier to play.

T-Doll Weapon
JS05 Rifle
SRS Rifle
Carcano M91 Rifle
Kar98k Rifle
Carcano M1891 Rifle
Ballista Rifle
DSR-50 Rifle
Type 100 SMG
AA-12 Shotgun
SAT 8 Shotgun
FP-6 Shotgun
AK-12 Assault Rifle
Type 95 Assault Rifle
ART556 Assault Rifle
Type 97 Assault Rifle
Am RFB Assault Rifle
AUG Assault Rifle
Zas M21 Assault Rifle
MDR Assault Rifle
K2 Assault Rifle
AN-94 Assault Rifle
HK21 Machine Gun
PKP Machine Gun
Five-SeveN Handgun
NZ75 Handgun
Contender Handgun

Girls Frontline Tier B

You can use these tier dolls, but it’s all about how you use their power; if you ideally use their power, then this tier doll is good for you, Also it’s essential they need to go to their full potential.


T-Doll Weapon
Honey Badger SMG
PP-19-01 SMG
Shipka SMG
PTRD Rifle
PzB39 Rifle
Gr PSG-1 Rifle
T-5000 Rifle
Springfield Rifle
G28 Rifle
Mosin-Nagant Rifle
SVD Rifle
M37 Shotgun
USAS-12 Shotgun
Type 97 Shotgun
SPAS-12 Shotgun
M1014 Shotgun
M590 Shotgun
Super-shorty Shotgun
FAMAS Assault Rifle
Ribeyrolles Assault Rifle
M4A1 Assault Rifle
XM8 Assault Rifle
M16A1 Assault Rifle
Type 56-1 Assault Rifle
G36 Assault Rifle
CZ2000 Assault Rifle
AS VAL Assault Rifle
TAR-21 Assault Rifle
M4 SOPMOD II Assault Rifle
Ak 5 Assault Rifle
AR-15 Assault Rifle
9A-91 Assault Rifle
M60 Machine Gun
Ameli Machine Gun
MG3 Machine Gun
AEK-999 Machine Gun
Type 80 Machine Gun
PK Machine Gun
Mk48 Machine Gun
M1918 Machine Gun
SPP-1 Handgun
Thunder .50 cal Handgun
Stechkin Handgun
Spitfire Handgun
K5 Handgun
M1873 Handgun
P7 Handgun
Mk23 Handgun

Girls Frontline Tier C

Tier C dolls are not evil, but this tier doll is average; you can choose from this tier if you understand this is perfect for your squad.

T-Doll Weapon
OTs-12 Assault Rifle
AK-47 Assault Rifle
CZ-805 Assault Rifle
StG44 Assault Rifle
FF FNC Assault Rifle
KS-23 Shotgun
RMB-93 Shotgun
M9 Handgun
Type 92 Handgun
Astra Handgun
Glock 17 Handgun
Tokarev Handgun
Makarov Handgun
Luger P08 Handgun
Mauser C96 Handgun
Hanyang 88 Rifle
Type 56 Rifle
M14 Rifle
M21 Rifle
M1 Garand Rifle
SV-98 Rifle
Sten SMG
Skorpion SMG
Z-62 SMG
Mini Uzi SMG
Ingram SMG
MG42 Machine Gun
M1919 Machine Gun
M2HB Machine Gun

Girls Frontline Tier D

This tier doll is not good, But this is also how you manage your team to play; if you manage your team perfectly, then maybe this one-tier doll is also working better for you.

T-Doll Weapon
OTs-39 SMG
SSG 69 Rifle
Gepard M1 Rifle
Super SASS Rifle
WZ 29 Rifle
OTs-44 Rifle
Type 81 Rifle
M1A1 Rifle
M1897 Shotgun
M500 Shotgun
NS2000 Shotgun
Ash-12.7 Assault Rifle
ARX-160 Assault Rifle
Model L Assault Rifle
6P62 Assault Rifle
AR70 Assault Rifle
T65 Assault Rifle
HK45 Handgun
P99 Handgun
CZ52 Handgun
Type 59 Handgun
GSh-18 Handgun
PSM Handgun
Serdyukov Handgun
P226 Handgun
RPD Machine Gun
Bren Machine Gun
HK23 Machine Gun
M249 SAW Machine Gun

Girls Frontline Tier E

We are not recommending you use this tier doll Because this tier doll is the last and does not perform well.

T-Doll Weapon
Galil Assault Rifle
Type 63 Assault Rifle
G3 Assault Rifle
F2000 Assault Rifle
L85A1 Assault Rifle
SIG-510 Assault Rifle
AAT-52 Machine Gun
FG42 Machine Gun
MG34 Machine Gun
LWMMG Machine Gun
DP28 Machine Gun
Beretta Model 38 SMG
PP-2000 SMG
Type 64 SMG
Specter M4 SMG
Nagant revolver Handgun
MP-446 Handgun
PPK Handgun
P38 Handgun
M1911 Handgun
FF FNP9 Handgun
FN-49 Rifle
SVT-38 Rifle
VM59 Rifle
G43 Rifle
Simonov Rifle


That’s all about girls’ frontline tier list; I hope this guide is helpful for you to understand more about tier list, select the correct doll for your team, and play the game. We know it is difficult for you to make a team; our complete tier list will brighten your mind and help you to understand more about tiers. Also, share this with your friends playing the girls’ frontline games.

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