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Hero Wars Astaroth

Hero Wars Astaroth’s main character is a tank and he is probably the best tank in the game and I recommended you must update it. It’s easy to get soul stones in the early stages of a campaign mission, so be sure to change them as soon as possible.

Astaroth’s skill provides considerable protection for allies, he is quite active, and his purple last verbal skill can bring an ally back into the game. The hardest part for Astaroth was upgrading all its skins at once. Animals in themselves. It does not suit the situation so it will be useful in all team compositions. It may not be that important to most of you, but it sounds like a real bully. Read the Hero Wars Astaroth Guide.


Astaroth Soulstones can be obtained at the beginning of the game by completing the mission of the campaign. I suggest that once the mission is renewed to bring back the stone to the hero’s soul, he should be given a few emeralds. In the Facebook version, you can find Astaroth Soulstones in Coffins, but if you’ve already opened Astaroth, you can upgrade it with a cross-server trophy.


In my opinion, must upgrade all levels of astaroth. my favorite upgrade level of astaroth is Scythe of Redemtion this one gives you more power to fight with your enemies. I think all of his models are really good, but I prefer Redemption Skate because it gives the whole team a huge increase in weapons.

Astaroth pros, cons, & counters


  • armor active artifact
  • goes well in all compositions
  • revives 1 ally or himself per battle
  • burns furthest enemy’s energy
  • protects the weakest ally


  • 4 skins to upgrade
  • Astaroth blocks just physical damage with Flame Veil
  • low damage output


  • It’s not really against anyone, it’s just a high-level tank.

Yet it was one of Astaroth’s allusions, which he assumed he would eventually remember. They returned to her father’s house while Lailth was searching for her missing husband. He left his house and wandered around, questioning passersby about it, only boldly answering that he had found happiness in another woman, a mortal.

Arch Demon was angry with Astaroth for his deceptive deception, but the angels laughed at him, knowing that the inhabitants of hell could not travel above. She laughs when she suddenly realizes that her snow-white wings have become an irreparable fire, causing eternal torment. That’s when he realized that his father’s love is not infinite.

Astaroth was full of hatred and contempt for all living beings. He joins the Guardian to fight hard against the Arc Demon group and get the right to return home. His plan failed when Leith joined his team, which he met. We do not yet know if the fallen angel repented or thought of any new evil.

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