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Hero Wars Jorgen

Hero wars jorgen player is available for mobile and computer. you can get this player for mobile and pc. In this blog post, we will talk about jorgen. It’s no matter who is your competitor you can select this player in your team and easily win every battle if you are a good player.

And the enemy feels scared from his leper skill and his this power damage them badly. If you did not select a jorgen player in your team now start using this player this player is good with awesome skills.

Jorgen Skins

Jorgen character is in-game from a long time but still only have three skins. one is default skin and the other two is champion and devil skin. every single skin has its own power and style. My favorite one is devil skin. Defult skin is free to get and their powers but other two is not free champion and devil skin.

Default Jorgen skin
Default Jorgen skin
Champion jorgen skin
Champion jorgen skin
Devil Jorgen skin
Devil Jorgen skin

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  • Leper: Jorgen one power name is leper and jorgen curses on the enemy all team. If an enemy is furthest jorgen can easily target the enemy. So your enemy team also has a jorgen player and your one player is missing then means they use leper power on your team. In hero war, jorgen competitor also has good power like Martha have good power some time you using jorgen power leper but Martha heal all team player from your leper power and this is bad for you and you will lose this game.
  • Cycle of Energies: Jorgen this power handle all type of attacks. We early discussed, Jorgen manipulates the energy for the enemy team on both sides, Jorgen denies the energy but for the Allies, when the hero is attacked and the shield is activated, the changes the availability of energy. Can restore.
  • Torment of Powerlessness: Jorgen shows a skull and doing magic and the enemy gets damage from this and for 10 seconds enemy will not get any energy. Do you know? Jorgen’s torment of powerlessness is the strongest power. Jorgen denied the energy benefits to the heroes who would be impressed by this skill.
  • Tainted Wounds: From tainted wounds energy this player steals affected enemy power. From this power jorgen target other players tank and destroying them. If you are experiencing the creation of a magic team. Cleaver and other functional skills that are useful against tanks are a real threat.

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Jorgen pros, cons, & counters

Jorgen pros:

  • Reject energy from the enemy players
  • Easy to get soul stones
  • Suitable for almost any team lineup
  • You can easily destroy enemies like lars from leper power

Jorgen cons:

  • Using artifact give benefits to your enemy teams.
  • The stones of the skin had to be sacrificed for the stones of Jorgen’s soul.
  • Leprosy can be harmful if the target is hit and not cured.

Jorgen Counters:

  • squishy backline heroes
  • Heroes who rely on the presence of energy.

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So this is the main jorgen information and I already highlighted it in the article. Once you select jorgen in your team you will know more about jorgen. If you want to share something about jorgen just leave it in the comment section then other people will read your comment and they will take benefit from this secret. thanks for spending your time on this article and read the hero wars jorgen information guide. If something a new update for jorgen we will update this article and add new updates as soon as possible.

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