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Hero Wars Titans Tier List Guide

Hey, are you confused about which Hero Wars Titans team is good to level up or make your team and win Hero War? This is not easy to collect resources, so don’t waste your resources on the wrong Titans teams. So please read this article; in this article, we will discuss Titan Tiers to know more about here war titans.

Titan Element Role Title Order Rank
Sigurd Water Tank Snow Guardian 1
Moloch Fire Tank Blazing Ravager 2
Angus Earth Tank Protector of Nature 3
Nova Water Marksman Winter Blade 4
Vulcan Fire Marksman Scorching Crater 5
Avalon Earth Support Soul of the Forest 6
Mairi Water Support Glacial Tide 7
Araji Fire Marksman
Master of Fire 8
Eden Earth Mage
Guardian of Balance 9
Hyperion Water Marksman
Father of the Ocean 10
Ignis Fire Support Punishing Flame 11
Sylva Earth Marksman Mother of Hunters 12

With the Witnesses alive, the Titans will return to the Dominion after years of separation. With his notoriety, the power-hungry Titan Seymour has deepened the rift between the Titans and humans.

But now, when this lie becomes apparent, and the Dominion land is invaded by evil forces, the mighty giants will return to fight for justice. It’s just that not everyone can resist illegal magic.

After Seymour’s betrayal, the devil-supporting Titan lives in the basement and is ready to attack. If you don’t take action, they will end the domination! It is not difficult to enter the black hole; however, the chances of surviving are zero.

Inspired by forbidden magic, the Titans returned to help the hero free his brothers from the spells and save the hero’s kingdom. What else is hidden in the black hole? What kind of crystals shine there?

Hero Wars Titans Tier List

God tier

Hyperion + Eden + Araji

S tier

Angus + Nova + Sigurd

A tier


B tier


C tier

Avalon + Mairi

D tier

Sylva + Vulcan

Heroes Wars has a long journey to the level of Titan, and I want to write this guide to tell you my general rules that will help me have a solid and durable titanium team that will be a different game mode for others. Available in That the planter will work as soon as possible.

My rating below will help you decide which Titan you need to prioritize and my recommendations on how you can free up the level so you have everything Not at the same level.

This ranking should be like a suggestion on which you should place your effort level as a priority list and a level list. The top titles in Hero Wars are the most available, so put your effort into them.

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