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Hero Wars Twins team

In-game there is many Hero wars twins team and this is very hard to beat them. In this blog post, we will share with you the hero war twins team to know and become a good player in-game.

Team 1 – Celeste, Lars, Krista, Jorgen & Martha

Especially Krista, you can try to survive without a tank and use Krista as a tank for another hero. Can make space Krista will do well in most cases. So you can change a tank for Martha, Lian, or any other hero that can be useful against your enemy.

Team 2 – Astaroth, Nebula, Helios, Krista, Lars

The team will perform well against key losers such as Ismail, Zoo, Artemis, Yasmin, Team Cara Mixers & others. This will also be great against the Jets as the Jets provide an important strike opportunity for the entire team.

This is because Helios will damage the opponent’s hero which will cause severe damage to the right side. Depending on your needs, you can replace Nebula with other heroes, such as Doreen, who is between Lars and Helios, and fix him or Jargon for lack of energy.

Team 3 – Astaroth, Sebastian, Martha, Krista & Lars

The team structure will work best in the Facebook version but it is also a solid choice for the mobile version. Sebastian is a great hero, especially in the Facebook version because he denies almost all the negative effects on Allied Heroes. This team will perform well against the severe negative effects of teams like Satari.

Team 4 – Astaroth, Nebula, Martha, Krista & Lars

This grouping is another great combo. This team is defensive like nebula First team but not as weak as the previous team against Clevers. Sure, you don’t want Martha to be seen, but she can save her team some time by letting Lars and Krista do their job. Nebula will do a lot of damage to Lars and Krista while removing the negative effects and healing, while Martha will keep the whole team alive.

Lars and Krista relied heavily on the artwork of Celeste and Jargon to increase their losses and now rely on the attacker Boost Buffs through Nebulous Magic. This team will have a better chance against physically damaging teams as Martha and Astaroth will arm the entire team with their art.

Team 5 – Astaroth, Celeste, Jorgen, Lars & Krista

It’s a great team that comes together thanks to the active models of Celeste and Jorgen, which gives Lars and Krista more power to attack magic. In addition, it can counteract the negative effects of Celeste’s enemies, and Jorgen can deprive the enemy team of energy.

With this team, you will win almost all the meta teams. The only problem with this group is that Lars is in the last place and Clever can use the rusty hook to bring it to the fore.

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