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Best Highest Paying AdSense Niche & High CPC Keywords

Today i will guide you on the highest paying Adsense niche, so you just start a new blog and you think it’s easy to earn a lot of money so you put Adsense ads on your website first i clear your doubts if you choose the wrong topic then you will not earn a lot of money first search Highest Paying AdSense Niche and sure that it’s perfect for you or not i mean if there is a lot of competition and already many big website work then don’t try to create a blog on that topic.

If you start a new blog so there is not just an AdSense there is a lot of ways to earn more money example: AdSense, affiliate marketing, Ebook selling, Course selling, Guest post, Service, etc.

So Adsense is an easy method to earn money from other methods just create your blog and i recommend you BlueHost hosting to start your new blog journey, today i will share with you the best niche for Adsense before starting your blogging journey.

If you want to earn alot of money with low traffic then you need to choose the highest paying Adsense niches for your website, so in some niches advertising traffic is high then advertisers pay more money for showing their ads.

How To Select Highest Paying AdSense Niche

Before starting a blog it,s very important to select a niche for your website if you choose the wrong niche then it,s a hard task for you to complete the Adsense Payment threshold: $100.00. so if you optimize your blog content you are getting thousands of traffic from search engines but your niche is not profitable and right then your website not able to make money online.

If your niche has a good amount of traffic but your CPC is low then you will not earn if your niche has low traffic then no problem but makes sure your niche has high click-through and high CPC.

So if you get a new Adsense for your website then don’t worry Adsense takes some weeks to give you a high rpm and high click rate but make sure your website is in the highest paying Adsense niches.

Best Adsense Highest Paying Niche Ideas

So if you have knowledge about what is insurance then this niche is perfect in the united states, this niche is the highest paying so just make a website on this niche and search a keyword related to insurance then if a visitor comes to your website then you are able to make money average CPC: Cost Per Click is 20$ to 50$ maybe go up depending on the keyword, article quality, and visitor location.

So it,s not mean just insurance topic there are subcategories available under the insurance niche, home, auto, health, business, and life insurance, etc. Writing on this topic will pay you more if the traffic is low but AdSense will pay you more.

  1. Insurance: $55 CPC
  2. Credit: $38 CPC
  3. Degree: $20 CPC
  4. Attorney: $38 CPC
  5. Gas/Electricity: $45 CPC
  6. Donate: $30 CPC
  7. Conference Call: $24 CPC
  8. Mortgage: $38 CPC
  9. Lawyer: $31 CPC
  10. Loans: $47 CPC

Adsense High Paying Niche With Low Competition

Education is also a high-paying niche in the united kingdom, united states, Canada, etc this niche will pay you more also this education niche have low competition.

If you have some knowledge about education then search on this niche and find low-competition keywords or write a high-quality article so this niche will pay you 18$ CPC.

  • Education: $15 CPC
  • Healthcare: $37 CPC
  • Web Hosting: $7 CPC
  • Telecom: $11 CPC
  • Digital Marketing: $12 CPC

Best Adsense Niche In US

The highest Adsense paying niche in the united states is ‘insurance’. in this niche cost per click start from 10$ to 50$ included related keywords it’s all on you how much you smart and how you search low-competition keywords and write a high-quality article to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

So already many website owners working on this niche so ranking on this topic is hard you need to become some smart work on long-tail keywords because many website owners not targeting long-tail keywords they just write an article on the main focus keyword.

Also, one thing many keyword researcher tools don’t have is the right database so just take an idea from main focus keywords and work on long-tail keywords you need to become smarter if you want traffic and earn more money with your niche website.

For example, your main niche or keyword is ‘insurance’ so it,s so hard to rank on this keyword so it,s better to work on a long-tail keyword i recommend Keyword Tool Dominator & get a 10day free trailer on MangoTools to search keywords for your niche.

Adsense High CPC Keywords & Search Volume In United States

Keywords Avg. CPC ($) Max. CPC ($) Monthly Search Volume Avg. RPM ($)
Travel 3.98 > 29 500,000 3.30
Attorney 6.9 <43 135,000 5.30
Insurance 17.60 >56 310,000 8
Real State 4.80 31 470,000 4.0
Advertising & Marketing 6.9 <38 100,000 6.20
Fashion Retail 2 20 110,000 3
Beauty & Skincare 1.99 20 37,500 1.90
Home Decor 1.85 14 170,000 2.02
Automobile Dealership 2.30 50 20,300 2.10

Highest Paid Adsense Keywords

  • Cryptocurrency $34 CPC
  • Hosting $31 CPC
  • Online Classes $35 CPC
  • Real State $25 CPC
  • Software $35 CPC
  • Telecom $29 CPC
  • Trading $33 CPC
  • Rehab $33 CPC
  • Health $37 CPC

Adsense Low Competition Keywords

  • Golfing $2.3
  • Resorts $6.4 CPC
  • Leisure $12.3 CPC
  • Retail $4.8 CPC
  • Beauty and Skin Care $9.3 CPC
  • Jewelry $3.6 CPC
  • Fashion $9 CPC
  • Pet Foods $5 CPC
  • Fitness $3.8 CPC
  • Home Decor $17.8 CPC


I hope after reading the Highest Paying AdSense Niche article you will understand which niche is more profitable for Adsense and earn more money. so advertiser place their ads on Google Adwords and with their partners so if your niche matches with advertiser ads then you will able to make more money.

So this is not any rocket science just simply choose your niche and write an article on high-paying Adsense keywords and earn more money that’s not mean insert too many keywords in your article Adsense is too smart they crawl your content and then they will show ads if you try to cheat with Adsense they will disable your AdSense account permanently and there is no chance to recover.

Now work honestly on your website and earn more money with Adsense, so if you have some questions in your mind just drop them in the comment section i will replay you also if you have some other high-paying AdSense niche please let,s us know we will insert your niche in this article.

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