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How to Protect your Business Network

Below are some of the ways through which business networks can be protected.

Network Audit

The security of a Business House or Business Network is vital to stabilize and maintain the organization’s smooth operations. The Foundation of the business operation should be secured by performing an occasional network audit, check errors, and remove them by a qualified team of network experts.

It is mandatory to increase your business network’s security levels to become less vulnerable to data theft. Company policies and business strategies are the most confidential subject for any business. Hackers always try to commit burglary into your business network by sneaking in through the Internet protocols. Stringent security measures of your internet system should be intact because this ensures the confidentiality of your business secrets and protect them from your rivals.


Reliable encrypted protocols should be used to create the network password of your router to ensure the protection of your business network. WPA (Wifi Protected Access) is the most efficient way to enable the router. It provides the first layer of protection against illegal web penetrators in your business network.

Restriction of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocols)

DHCP displays the original IP address on your device; thus, maintaining the Wifi network plays an important role. Since DHCP assigns is hence to make your business network more reliable, the number of IPs should be determined with extreme care rather; the number of IPs must be limited, or the disability of the feature may also be an option. In making the feature disabled, there will be a need to manually assign a separate IP address for each device connected to Wifi.

This extra care will provide your business network protection one step ahead.

Practicing a VPN

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” It is used to encrypt the internet connection and validates the transfer of data through your business network. VPN has a very special in-built feature that immediately disintegrates the hardware from the network in case the protected connection is lost. This feature is cal “ed “Kill Sw “tch” and safeguards the system from leakage of data. For virtual privacy by the business networks and internet users, VPNs are used. Companies can use VPN to authorize individuals to access their data center.

This feature is also used by different branches of the same business house located in different areas. Furthermore, VPN provides extra security while using Wifi on business trips, thus ensuring the protection of the company’s confidential data. For safe transfer of data, VPN applications are used in mobile devices as well.

This is the safest online method in which sending data protocols are encrypted, and at the receiving end, the data is decrypted. It is secure for web surfers, and it also stops unauthorized users from sneaking into confidential data. VPN Tunnel is used to connect a device to another network with the facility of data encryption and hiding IP addresses. By this method, personal information remains safe and hidden from hackers. With the use of VPuser’ser’s IP address and the browsing history may be kept hidden.

Disability of File Sharing

Using the option of file sharing may result in showing the files of the user to all other devices connected to the same Wifi. It is advisable to disable the File Sharing Option for security purposes. Always use internet connection sharing security features for your business network.


ID stands for Intrusion Detection, which means the activity within your network may be monitored so that to avoid possible threats to your company policies. It is the process of detection of intrusion and is called an Intrusion Detection System. Similarly, IPS stands for Intrusion Prevention System and is used to protect your business network.

Potential threats are now becoming stronger because business networks are connected to other networks, and it is assumed that their networks are secured with firewalls or encryption as technologies have been changing more often, and the available resources are not sufficient to counter the threats.

Use of Updated Anti-Virus/Malware Software

It is essential to protect your computers against malware, cyber attackers, and hackers. An updated anti-virus provides a shield to your computer against possible threats. Keep the anti-virus up-dated prove to be the best tool to keep your computer and business network safer and provides the best monitoring of your system against suspicious and harmful threats. Without using anti-virus protection, your system is exposed to threats that can hack your data and crash your hard disk.

The viruses, spyware, and malicious software are installed automatically onto your computer in the absence of any defense system installed in your computer. Ghostwriting Service asserts that this malware can monitor and transfer your crucial data to hackers who are able to steal your private and confidential information.

Secure your router

Internet Protocols (IP) security is essential because safe transmission of emails and data is only possible when the router is secure from intruders. The incidents of routing happen and handicap the business networks by diverting to malicious networks, thus spying the crucial information. Sometimes it happens due to global routing incidents. There is a requirement to work collectively to ensure the security of the routing system and to protect the business secrets.

WAF (Web Application Firewall)

WAF protects web applications with filtration and monitoring the HTTP flow of traffic. It is designed to protect web applications from hackers. When installed WAF in a web application, a protection shield comes between the web application and the internet. It also protects the servers. It is used to filter malicious files, thus providing security from vulnerable attacks. Web Application Firewall protects customers’ valuable data from hackers’ stealing. Likewise, the customers’ information is protected from interference.

Change your computer network’s name

It is required to avoid using the original name of the business network initially assigned by the service provider because your router model is revealed in the name. It may be harmful to expose your company name as competitors may use that information to get access to your network. In the changing circumstances, everybody has to be aware of the threats that may damage and hi company’s business activities.

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