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Illusion Connect Tier List Global (July 2024) & Reroll Guide

Here in this article, we will share the Illusion Connect tier list to read and learn more about this game and become a better player. We know you are searching for an illusion connect tier list, and after some complex research, we collect it for you to know all character ranking and their powers.

Illusion Connect Tier is a multiplayer game, and it’s free to play and available on the app store to download. You are free to select any player to play, but you need to understand players ranking to become a better player, and the illusion connect tier list is from S, A, to E.

Illusion Connect Tier List

The illusion connect tier list is a player ranking overview that helps you determine which player is excellent and perfect for you to select in your team. After reading this tier list, you will know all the details that help you choose players. Below, we shared the list according to ranking and show you their power.

Illusion Connect S Tier

In illusion Connect s-tier is the top tier, and the best characters are in this tier.

Name Class Grade
Phoebe Light SSR
Kasumi Attack SSR
Nicola Sorcerer SSR
Miyuki Spell SSR

Illusion Connect A Tier

In the A tier, average players are available and lower than in the S-tier.

Name Class Grade
Beatrice Spell SR
Edward Attack SSR
Carol Attack R
Junko Healer SSR
Mary Sorcerer R
Chiyo Sorcerer SR
Mei Attack SR
Brooke Light SSR
Alice Light R
Sakai Guardian SSR

Illusion Connect B Tier

Illusion Connect tier B is weak from previous tiers.

Name Class Grade
Kichou Attacker SSR
Harto Light SR
Rubi Spell SSR
Mia Attack R
Ashwaya Summon SSR
Flora Summon SR
Tiffany Sorcerer SR
Frantiva Summon SSR
Nanalie Spell R

Illusion Connect C Tier

illusion connect tier-C is the weakest tier in this game.

Name Class Grade
Penny Attack R
Bontenmaru Guardian R
Loro Guardian R

Illusion Connect D Tier

Illusion Connect tier D is not powerful, but it helps you in your team if you need backup and support, then tier-d character will help you.

Hero Class
Harto Light
Nanalie Spell
Flora Summon
Bontenmaru Guardian
Ashwaya Summon
Mia Attack

Illusion Connect E Tier

Illusion Connect E tier character is the worst character in the game I recommend you never select this tier character.

Hero Class
Loro Guardian
Tiffany Sorcerer
Penny Attack

How To Reroll Illusion Connect

That’s so easy to reroll in the Illusion Connect game. Just read this guide and follow the steps to reroll.

  • So when you open the illusion connect game and create an account, select the guest option.
  • Follow the instructions now so you can do it with 10 invites. If you get the treatment you want, you don’t have to return. If not, go to the next step.
  • Click on your profile icon, then choose the change account option.
  • Click on Confirmation
  • Then the drop-down menu will open now, then click on a new account.
  • Then select more option
  • After this, choose a guest account.
  • Again and again, repeat this process until you get the favorite character you want. Once you have that character now, follow one last step.
  • Now click on your profile icon, then click on account after selecting the link account. Then select the account which accounts you want to link.

That’s all to reroll in the Illusion Connect game; if you are still confused and have some questions, leave them in the comment section, and we will replay you to solve your query.


I hope after reading the complete article on the illusion connect tier list you can select the correct character in-game and win battles. This list helps you and shares with your friends playing the Illusion Connect game.

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