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Monumetric Review: My Honest Review After Using 1 Month

Today i will share my monumetric review. I am using monumetric from the last 30 days and what is my experience with monumetric. I know many bloggers want to grow their blog revenue and the most popular way to display ads. So if you want to earn passive income then you need to join the right ad network and place ads on your blog.

So if you really want to know more about monumetric then this blog post really helpful for you to know more about monumetric and join this network to display ads on your website.

Also, I will share with you my first month’s monumetric revenue how much I earn with monumetric.

Monumetric Requirements

So if you want to join monumetric then you need minimum monthly 10k page views on your blog. So simply down below we give you a button click on them and join monumetric. So once you submit your join request they reply to you by email and ask to you give them read-only access to your google analytics. Because they will see your traffic from which country your traffic coming from.


Monumetric offer to publishers 4 different monetization program.

  1. Propel: 10k monthly pageview minimum.
  2. Ascend: 80k to 500k monthly page views.
  3. Stratos: 500k to 1 million monthly page views.
  4. Apollo: 10 million+ monthly page views.

They want some premium country traffic if your blog has traffic from a premium country then they will accept your website for monumetric. Make sure your traffic is coming from the USA, UK, AUS, Canada, etc like premium countries.

And many blogger reviews you read monumetric charges 99$ and on the monumetric website, there is also a mention pay 99$ setup fee. But when I apply for monumetric they approve my website and monumetric not ask me any 99$ setup fee once my website is approved and the monumetric team set-up my account and I place ads on my website.

[su_button url=”https://www.monumetric.com/join?refid=6040″ target=”blank” background=”#10c40e” size=”10″ icon=”icon: debian”]Click Here to Join Monumetric[/su_button]

My Monumetric Earnings

So I join monumetric in february and I place monumetric ads on 10 february so I am sharing with you my first-month monumetric earning. From 10 february to 10 march earning see below screenshot for this.

So this is my monumetric dashboard screenshot. The first month with monumetric i earn 130$ and i got 47,483 pageviews this month average daily visitor is 1200. So before monumetric, i am using adsense ads on my website and my daily earning is 2/3 dollar per day but when I join monumetric my earning is increase and my daily earning is 4/5 dollar per day.

When I talk with monumetric i ask them my earning is not increase too much and then they ask me our system need 30 days to know more about your website then day by day you session and page rpm increase and that’s the true end of the month my rpm increase from 4$ to 7/8 dollar and my earning also increase from 4/5 dollar to 7$ per day with the same traffic.

Monumetric vs Adsense

So which ad network gives you more money. So I am going to compare both display ads platforms which network give you more money. So before monumetric, i am using Adsense ads on my website and my daily earning is just 3/4 dollars per day. But in February I got approval by monumetric and day by day my earning is increase with same traffic now I am writing the article at the end of March and now my daily earning is 8$.

So why Adsense gives you low money because Adsense simply shows ads on your website but monumetric is a smart ad network their system understands your website and shows only user interest base ads on your website and you’re earning increase day by day.

So monumetric showing ads on your website through google ad manager and also monumetric is working with other premium ads network they pay you more money. recently i publish a video on my channel on monumetric review please watch this video.

Monumetric Video Ads

So if you join monumetric then you can easily place video ads on your website because monumetric provide you video ads. monumetric give you ad tag to place this in your website or in a single article to show video ad on your website and if you want to show video ads on all website then go to monumetric dashboard and enable video ads for your website.

So monumetric automatically shows related video ads related to your website niche and traffic. Also monumetric provide you another option to upload videos and place it in your article but this feature is not for all publisher you need to talk with monumetric why you want to enable this feature then monumetric team will enable this feature for you.

So it’s not mean to place video ads on your website and you will get money if your visitor sees your video ads then monumetric count and add money in your monumetric dashboard.

Monumetric Dashboard & Payment Schedule

So let’s talk about the monumetric dashboard and payment terms. How monumetric dashboard work, So your daily monumetric dashboard update daily and some time monumetric take the time up to 3 days. Because monumetric advertiser partners take some time to check their advertisement data report. your daily report update according to Mountain Time (MT).

So what about monumetric withdrawal. So for example, you earn money in January month and you will get this money in April month. monumetric give you money in next net-60 days terms.

Monumetric still has two payment methods available for publishers. one is Paypal and the second one is bank transfer but bank transfer is not available globally if your bank is in the USA then you can take a withdrawal from monumetric in your bank. So don’t worry if you are not a united status person then you can use Payoneer and transferwise bank accounts to receive your money in USA bank because Payoneer and transferwise give you USD currency bank account so you can receive your money and then withdraw this money in your local country bank.

Final Thoughts

So if you have 10,000 pageviews monthly then monumetric is the best platform to boost your website revenue. i am also using monumetric ads on my one of secret websites. I also share my dashboard reports with you. So if you are still on Adsense and want to boose your revenue then try monumetric i must recommend you to join this ad network. So before applying to monumetric make sure you have monthly 10k page views on your website to get accepted by monumetric that’s not all also make sure you have traffic on your website from premium countries.

So I hope this monumetric review helpful for you to start your journey with monumetric. So still if you have some questions in your mind then please let me know in the comment section I will try my best to answer you. So if you want to start your blogging journey then read our blog post to start your blog.

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