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MultiVersus Tier List Best Ranking Characters & Fighters

Multiversus is a popular game. Here, we share a multiversus tier list to learn more about characters, and then you can easily choose a character for your team. We share all characters from best to worst to know about all characters, and then you can easily choose a character.

MultiVersus Characters Tier List

This tier list ranks the best characters in the fighting game MultiVersus. Everyone has their own opinion on which characters should be placed in which tier, and that’s okay! Feel free to adjust the list to suit your preferences. Ultimately, the best character for you depends on which fighter you enjoy playing the most.

Below, we share a complete list of characters to know more about the characters.

MultiVersus Tier S

Character Class Tier
Bugs Bunny Mage / Ranged S
Batman Bruiser S
Stripe Assassin S
Shaggy Bruiser S

MultiVersus Tier A

Character Class Tier
Jake The Dog Bruiser A
Arya Stark Assassin A
Harley Quinn Assassin A
Morty Bruiser A
Finn the Human Assassin A

MultiVersus Tier B

Character Class Tier
Black Adam Bruiser B
Wonder Woman Tank B
Rick Mage / Ranged B
Superman Tank B
Reindog Support B

MultiVersus Tier C

Character Class Tier
Tom and Jerry Mage / Ranged C
Taz Bruiser C
Gizmo Support C

MultiVersus Tier D

Character Class Tier
LeBron James Bruiser D
Steven Universe Support D
Velma Support D
Garnet Bruiser D

MultiVersus Tier F

Character Class Tier
Iron Giant Tank F

Best Tank in MultiVersus

Let’s evaluate the top Tank fighter in MultiVersus, Wonder Woman. Although some obstacles hindered her from reaching the highest tier, the recent buffs have significantly enhanced her performance.

However, a current bug causes her to take damage when executing one of her specials, which is expected to be resolved in a future update. Despite this, Wonder Woman stands as a robust Tank, capable of absorbing massive damage while executing powerful strikes up close.

Best Assassin in MultiVersus

Finn the Human is considered the best Assassin character in MultiVersus due to his exceptional damage potential. As an assassin, mobility and agility are essential to succeed, and Finn excels in both areas.

Furthermore, Finn’s ability to inflict massive damage causes enemies to drop gold, which can be used to enhance his specials or summon BMO to the battlefield for additional damage. With three options – speed boost, projectile shield, and BMO – Finn truly stands out as the top assassin in MultiVersus.

Best Mage in MultiVersus

In MultiVersus, Mages are rapidly emerging as a dominant class, as the game currently favors fighters who can deal damage from a distance. Among the Mages, Bugs Bunny is considered the best by many, even after recent adjustments following the Gizmo patch.

Bugs has many tricks, including traps, falling projectiles, and even abilities that can enhance his teammates’ abilities. Despite being nerfed a few times, it’s evident that Bugs is still somewhat overpowered in the current meta.

Best Bruiser in MultiVersus

Bruisers prioritize inflicting damage and possess the capability to deliver powerful blows in a range of situations. Currently, Shaggy is our top choice after the significant weakening of Batman. Shaggy is simple to master, capable of inflicting massive damage after powering up his strikes.

Additionally, he has a ranged attack that remains devastating despite recent modifications to the projectile attack mechanics. As a general strategy, utilizing the sandwich is advisable whenever possible, as it can also be used as a health item for your allies.

Best Support in MultiVersus

The Support fighter class in MultiVersus is the most intricate of all the classes. On the other hand, Velma is the simplest to play and excels in 1v1 matches. As Velma, the focus is on using various passive abilities on both friends and enemies.

The Investigation system is particularly noteworthy and adds to the excitement of playing Velma. After specific attacks, evidence will appear, and when enough is collected, you can call a police car to incapacitate an opponent.

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