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Neural Cloud Tier List and Reroll Guide (April 2024)

Neural Cloud game is a popular game developed by Dark Winter Software Co. Ltd. You can play this game on Android and iOS devices. Here, we share a neural cloud tier list to read and know which character is better and performs well to select in your team. You can make your squad from dolls to play the game, but the problem is that all dolls’ performance and power are not equal, creating confusion for new players about which dolls perform well.

So here we will share the neural cloud tier list with you to know all the details and select them for your team. This guide will clear all your doubts about the neural cloud character to select, and we will also share with you how to reroll in the neural cloud game.

Neural Cloud Tier List

Here is the neural cloud tier list best to worst to know which character performs well, and then you can easily select a character in your team. A tier list helps you to know which character is perfect for your squad.

Neural Cloud Tier S

Character Class Tier
Delacey Medic S Tier
Hannah Specialist S Tier
Clotho Guard S Tier
Kuro Sniper S Tier
Hatsuchiri Fighter S Tier
Clukay Sniper S Tier
Angela Specialist S Tier
Nanaka Medic S Tier
Aki Fighter S Tier
Croque Guard S Tier
Haze Sniper S Tier
Florence Medic S Tier
Vee Fighter S Tier
Hubble Sniper S Tier
Yanny Guard S Tier
Sakuya Specialist S Tier

Neural Cloud Tier A

Character Class Tier
Jessie Medic A Tier
Kurane Sniper A Tier
Dushevnaya Specialist A Tier
Python Guard A Tier
Phantom Fighter A Tier
Lam Sniper A Tier
Persica Medic A Tier
Willow Specialist A Tier
Gin Medic A Tier
Nahita Fighter A Tier
Evelyn Guard A Tier
Twigs Sniper A Tier
Rise Specialist A Tier
Millau Guard A Tier
Helix Medic A Tier
Nora Specialist A Tier
Max Sniper A Tier
Betty Fighter A Tier

Neural Cloud Tier B

Character Class Tier
Imhotep Medic B Tier
Antonia Specialist B Tier
Bonee Guard B Tier
Earhart Sniper B Tier
Banxy Specialist B Tier
Frensel Sniper B Tier
Chelsea Fighter B Tier
Sueyoi Specialist B Tier

Neural Cloud Tier C

Character Class Tier
Panakeia Medic C Tier
Sockdolager Sniper C Tier
Uranus Sniper C Tier
Centaureissi Fighter C Tier
Souchun Guard C Tier
Mai Specialist C Tier
Zion Guard C Tier
Choco Medic C Tier
Octogen Sniper C Tier
Abigail Specialist C Tier
Fern Fighter C Tier

Neural Cloud Tier D

Character Class Tier
Groove Specialist D Tier
Ksenia Specialist D Tier
Sol Fighter D Tier

Neural Cloud Reroll Guide

That’s so easy to reroll in the neural cloud game; follow our steps to reroll easily.

  • Open neural game
  • Then, create a guest account
  • Once an account is created, complete the tutorial
  • Go to the notification icon and redeem your free reward

So if you are happy with pulls, that’s good for you, but if you are not, repeat this method until you get the right one. Another pro tip is never to verify your email until you get the right one you want.


That’s all about the neural cloud tier list and reroll guide; we share complete details on tiers to know which character performs well—choosing the exemplary character that is good to play and win battles. We recommend these characters if you are good at your favorite one, then you can make your squad. Also, share if you know more about the neural cloud game in the comment section; thanks.

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