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Paladins Tier List Maker (May 2023) Best Champions

Paladins are so popular game and thousand of people play this game daily, Here we are going to share with you the paladins tier list to know which character is right for you to play, This game is a multiplayer shooter game. In this game, you can play rank mode, but this mode is hard to play and increase your ranking because the competition is stiff.

So just read this complete blog post to know more about each character tier and you can become the next best paladins player.

Paladins Tier List Overview

Paladins is a multiplayer shooter game and you can play this game on PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox one. In this game, there is SS, S, A, B, C, and D tier available and in each tier, every single character has their own powers and each character is different from another one.

Down below we will explain to you all tiers in detail to read and know more about characters and choose the right player to play paladins.

Paladins Tier List SS

SS Tier: In this tier the highest-powered characters are available, No one can win a battle if you play perfectly with SS tier characters.

Paladins SS Tier Champions Class
Atlas Front Line
Barik Front Line
Khan Front Line

Paladins Tier List S

This tier S champion is not more powerful than the previous one. But good from down tier list. You can select a character from the S tier and play.

Paladins SS Tier Champions Class
Vora Flank
Barik Front Line
Khan Front Line
Fernando Front Line
Atlas Front Line
Inara Front Line
Koga Flank
Vatu Flank

Paladins Tier List A

Tier A champions are not bad to play, You can select these tier characters to play but not better than previous tier champions.

Paladins Champions Class
Mal’Damba Support
Terminus Front Line
Tiberius Damage
Ying Support
Cassie Damage
Makoa Front Line
Imani Damage
Ash Front Line
Lian Damage
Saati Damage
Io Support
Bomb King Damage
Androxus Flank
Viktor Damage
Seris Support

Paladins Tier List B

You can choose these champions if you needed, We already tell you this tier is not better than the previous one but good than the next tier list. So you can select these champions if you needed and understand this.

Paladins Champions Class
Pip Support
Torvald Front Line
Evie Flank
Rei Support
Lex Flank
Kinessa Damage
Yagorath Front Line
Grover Support
Corvus Support
Talus Flank
Furia Support
Willo Damage
Octavia Damage
Strix Damage
Drogoz Damage
Jenos Support
Zhin Flank
Skye Flank
Raum Front Line
Sha Lin Damage

Paladins Tier List C

If your focus is to win battles or increase your ranking then we recommend you not choose tier c champions. This tier character is not powerful as the previous list.

C tier paladins champions are not really good, If this tier composition is mache with your team then select otherwise you can skip tier c.

Paladins Champions Class
Buck Flank
Tyra Damage
Dredge Damage
Ruckus Front Line

Paladins Tier List D

We recommend you don’t select these tier character players if you don’t want to lose matches and your ranking. This tier d is a weak tier list and the second last tier so avoid this one to play.

Paladins Champions Class
Grohk Support
Vivian Damage

Paladins Tier List E

Tier E champions are the last tier list and the worst champions in this tier, So avoid choosing characters from this list if you don’t want to lose battles and your rankings.

Paladins Champions Class
Moji Flank
Maeve Flank


This is the paladins tier list to understand and select players from this list. Paladins is a multiplayer shooter game with lots of champions in different tiers. Some character is powerful and some are with fewer powers and we share all details about champions to select a player.

I hope this tier list is helpful for you to select the right paladins characters. Also keep in mind that’s not mean you just select a high-ranking player you will win it also depends on you how good a player you are.

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