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Path to Nowhere Tier List & Reroll Guide (June 2024)

Path to Nowhere game is a popular game; this game is about saving the city. You are hired as a chief in the Minos Bureau of Crisis (MBCC). It’s not easy to build a team, so here we create a character path to nowhere tier list for you to read and select the right team. Every character is different from others with different powers, and in a single round, you can select 6 characters to fulfill your team.

Path To Nowhere Tier List All Characters

Here, we will share all characters with tier 3 tires starting from the S tier to the C tier. The S tier is the best, and the last one, the C tier, is the worst. We will share a complete character list to determine which character is best.

Path To Nowhere Tier S

Character Tier Role
Labyrinth S Umbra
Langley S Reticle
Demon S Endura
Hamel S Catalyst
Bai Yi S Umbra
Nox S Fury
Eirene S Arcane

Path To Nowhere Tier A

Character Tier Role
EMP A Reticle
Hecate A Arcane
Luvia Ray A Arcane
Demolia A Endura
Zoya A Fury
Victoria A Arcane
RouLecca A Reticle
Serpent A Umbra
Ariel A Catalyst
Crache A Umbra
Pricilla A Reticle
Chelsea A Endura

Path To Nowhere Tier B

Character Tier Role
Cinnabar B Endura
Joan B Arcane
Macchiato B Catalyst
Wolverine B Reticle
Kava – Kava B Endura
Tetra B Umbra
Ninety-nine B Fury
KK B Endura
Flora B Reticle
Ignis B Arcane
Oliver B Arcane
Wendy B Fury
Pacassi B Fury
Peggy B Endura
Sumire B Umbra
Anne B Catalyst

Path To Nowhere Tier C

Character Tier Role
Dolly C Fury
Gekkabijin C Umbra
Hella C Fury
Chameleon C Catalyst
Kelvin C Arcane
Lisa C Catalyst
Che C Fury
Fox C Catalyst
Horo C Fury
Pepper C Fury
Iren C Umbra

How To Unlock Characters In Path to Nowhere?

It’s so simple to unlock characters in the game. For this, you need currency “warrants”; if you don’t have enough currency, then you cannot open characters. If you want “warrants” and “Hypercubes” for this, you must do missions and play games to earn them.

Roles in Path To Nowhere

  1. Reticle: They attack from a long range and slow down enemies to negate your attacks.
  2. Catalyst: It helps draw the game. They heal or strengthen groups.
  3. Fury: They are a warrior class. He has much attack power and can destroy enemies with a few hits.
  4. Arcane: Offenders deal explosive damage to enemies. When they are born, they can be used to kill enemies.
  5. Endura: games of tanks, A powerful defense that can withstand powerful attacks.
  6. Umbra: Units can move quickly into this area. His high mobility makes for something in the game.

Path to Nowhere ReRoll Guide

It’s so easy and simple to reroll in a path to nowhere.

  • The first launch path to nowhere
  • Once a game is open, complete the tutorial
  • In-game, there is a Rookie banner. From this banner, you will get an S-tier at a discounted price; There is a high chance to get an  S-tier character.
  • But if you do not get it, log out from your account and log in from another account.
  • Try again and again until you get your favorite one.


That’s it all about a path-to-nowhere tier list. We hope this article is helpful for you to know more about Path to nowhere characters and which characters perform well. We will update this article when something new is related to the path to nowhere tier list. Leave a comment if you want to say something or if you have some questions in your mind.

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