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Reaper 2 Tier List Guide Bankai and Shikai (July 2024)

Here is the Reaper 2-tier list. To read and know more about the tier list, which character is perfect to make the team. We cover every point about the Reaper 2 tier list, get more information for Reaper 2, and play easily. If you play without knowledge, you will lose the game because you don’t know which character performs well and is perfect for you to make a team.

We created this tier list according to their performance, but maybe you think this one needs to be corrected for this tier, so you can use it if you are good with it. We share Shikai Reaper 2 all-tier characters to know which perform well. We also write about reaper 2 codes to get some redeem codes and get rewards from these codes.

Reaper 2 Shikai Tier List

Many Reaper 2 players think this is not a good player, but another one is confusing in the Reaper 2 community. So, we will clear your doubts about this tier list because we collect this data from millions of matches to create this Reaper 2 tier list.

Shikai Tier
Senbonzakura S Tier
Ryujin Jakka S Tier
Benihime A Tier
Sakanade A Tier
Sode no Shirayuki A Tier
Katen Kyokotsu B Tier
Shinso B Tier
Wabisuke C Tier
Zangetsu D Tier

That’s all tier list characters that are best to select and play. S tier has top players, A tier is the second one, B is the third one, C is the fourth, and D is the last and lowest tier.

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Soul Reapers

The Reapers are a group of people who protect their souls’ world from the outside. They were making their society stronger with resources. It’s not easy to protect their world because there are many enemies and other problems.

If a Reaper was not born a Reaper or has violated the strict rules of the Soul Society, he can use his powers to become a Guardian of Souls and not be one of the Reapers.

Character Rarity Chance User
Wabisuke Common 50% Izuru
Zangetsu Common 50% Ichigo
Sakanade Uncommon 34% Shinji
Sode no Shirayuki Uncommon 34% Rukia
Shinso Rare 12% Captain Gin
Katen Kyokotsu Rare 12% Captain Shunsui
Benihime Rare 12% Kisuke
Senbonzakura Rare 12% Byakuya
Ryujin Jakka Legendary 4% Captain Yamamato

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How do I unlock Reaper 2 Shikai

It’s so easy to unlock a Shikia character; if you have a halo, Then you have the power to unlock Shikai. Press P and then type the character name into chat to get the character and use their powers.

  • Once you have a halo
  • Then just press P
  • The next step is to ask for the name in the meditation state
  • Then, type its name in the chat
  • while the katana is equipped

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There are the souls of cavemen who regret living instead of becoming ghosts and then appear as masked animals with a hole in their chests, indicating that they are heartless.

Another hidden option is the Story Chain, which breaks and explodes when you die, leaving a hole in your chest. The only way to stop this metamorphosis is to save Drew’s life.

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That’s all about the Reaper 2 tier list and their character performance; we hope this article is helpful for you to select the correct character in-game to win battles.

If you have doubts about the Reaper 2 tier list or know more about the tier, leave them in the comment section. We will also update this post soon when some new update is available for Reaper 2-tier characters.

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