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Slime Isekai Memories Tier List & Reroll Guide (June 2024)

We know you are a play of slime isekai memories and looking for a slime isekai memories tier list; here, we collect a complete list for you to read and know more about which character is perfect for you to select. Our tier list will help you to win battles because our tier list guides you to select the right player.

We share all characters with tier to know more about this game and select the exemplary character for your team.

We know it is difficult for you to select the exemplary character for your team, So we shared the slime isekai memories tier list to know more about it and select the right player. After reading this blog post, we hope you will become a good player and it will be easy for you to make your team in slime isekai memories.

Bandai Namco developed this game, and you can download this game on Android and iOS devices to play and enjoy it for free. Continually update your game when a new version is available because a new version is better than the previous version.

Slime Isekai Memories Tier List

In slime isekai memory, tier S+, S, A+, A, B+, B, C+, and C; we share all tiers list-wise with details to know more about which character is better than another. That will blow your mind and help you select your team’s exemplary character.

Slime Isekai Memories Tier S+


Characters Nick Name Rarity Tier
Treyni Budding of Deep Green 5 Star S+
Elemental Colossus Golem 5 Star S+
Rimuru Tempest Harmonizer of Monsters & Humans 5 Star S+
Milim Nava Bellicose Dragoneye 5 Star S+

Slime Isekai Memories Tier S


Characters Nick Name Rarity Tier
Souei Spy in Shadows 5 Star S
Charybdis Swimming Calamity 5 Star S
Rimuru Tempest Chancellor of Tempest 5 Star S
Orc Disaster Starved 5 Star S
Ramiris Fairy of the Labryrinth 5 Star S
Shuna Holy Princess 5 Star S
Veldora Tempest Storm Dragon 5 Star S
Beretta Arch Golem 5 Star S
Shizue Conqueror of Flames 5 Star S
Ifrit Burning Spirit 5 Star S

Slime Isekai Memories Tier A+


Characters Nick Name Rarity Tier
Milim Nava One of Oldest Demon Lords 5 Star A+
Milim Nava Dragon Majin 5 Star A+
Shion Steel Annihilator 5 Star A+
Benimaru Samurai General of Hellfire 5 Star A+
Ranga Tempest Star Wolf 5 Star A+
Gazel Dwargo King of an Armed Nation 5 Star A+
Hakurou Instructor of Flashing Sword 5 Star A+

Slime Isekai Memories Tier A


Characters Nick Name Rarity Tier
Trya Summer Breeze of Benevolence 4 Star A
Milim Nava Delighter in Everyday Life 4 Star A
Gelmud Secret Operator 4 Star A
Shion Ardent Attendant 4 Star A
Geld Orc King 4 Star A
Fuze Guildmaster 4 Star A
Gabiru Waving Spear 4 Star A
Sky Dragon Soaring Dragon Calamity 4 Star A
Shuna Excellent Tailor 4 Star A
Salamander The Flame Master 4 Star A

Slime Isekai Memories Tier B+


Characters Nick Name Rarity Tier
Gobuichi The Hobgoblin Chef 3 Star B+
Souei Blue Gale 4 Star B+
Kurobe Steel Heart of Forge 4 Star B+
Chloe Aubert Lovely Innocence 4 Star B+
Rimuru Tempest Reincarnated 4 Star B+
Psychic Elf Fortuneteller 3 Star B+
Shuna Pink Ogre Princess 4 Star B+
Hakurou White Slash 4 Star B+
Gobta Hobgoblin Ascendant 4 Star B+
Garm The Armor Artisan 3 Star B+

Slime Isekai Memories Tier B


Characters Nick Name Rarity Tier
Vesta Seeker 4 Star B
Ranga Loyal Wolf 4 Star B
Gard Mjolmire The Competent Merchant 4 Star B
Light Spirit Heroic Conductor 4 Star B
Rimuru Tempest Swordsmanship Forge 4 Star B
Benimaru Valiant Kijin 4 Star B
Veldora Tempest Proud Kin of Dragons 4 Star B
Phobio Leopard Fang 4 Star B
Kaijin The Forge Artisan 4 Star B
Yuuki Kagurazaka Grandmaster 4 Star B

Slime Isekai Memories Tier C+

Characters Nick Name Rarity Tier
Rigurd Hobgoblin Monarch 3 Star C+
Gale Gibson Earth Spirit Lodger 3 Star C+
Souei Instant Spy 4 Star C+
Kurobe Immobile Black Ogre 3 Star C+
Shion Purple Smash 4 Star C+
Benimaru Next Clan Leader 4 Star C+
Alice Rondo Golem Master 3 Star C+

Slime Isekai Memories Tier C

Characters Nick Name Rarity Tier
Butterflies of the Night Owner Bewitching Shopkeeper 3 Star C
Kenya Misaki Heroio Vessel 3 Star C
Myrd The Construction Artisan 3 Star C
Dord The Skilled Artisan 3 Star C
Ryota Sekiguchi Harmonizer of Insanity & Calm 3 Star C
Haruna The Affectionate Hobgoblin 3 Star C

How to Reroll in Slime Isekai Memories

It’s so easy to reroll in slime isekai; follow our guide steps to reroll.

  • First lunch slime isekai game.
  • Once a game is launched, then complete the tutorial to reroll.
  • And go to the start screen if you want to reroll again.
  • Now, go to the menu section.
  • Then, precise game data.
  • The next step is to follow the tutorial.
  • That’s all you will need to reroll, so you can follow this method for how long you want to reroll.

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  1. “Loved this guide! Just rolled the game for the first time and the tier list really helped me make sense of all the characters. What do you think about the units that didn’t make the cut, like Nae? I had her on my team for a bit but ended up replacing her with someone from B+.


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