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Why Playing Video Games Can Be Good for Your Career

Video games are often seen as a waste of time, but they can be a handy tool for building skills that will make you more successful at work.

In recent times, gaming has become increasingly popular, and PwC estimates that the gaming industry could be worth $321 billion by 2026. As well as being highly entertaining, video games can also help you develop several skills that employers demand.

Here are some ways playing video games can help you get ahead in life and at work:

It Will Teach You the Value of Failure

You need to recognize that failure is a natural part of learning. No one wants to fail, but it’s important to internalize that mistakes happen and are not the end of the world. In fact, you can learn from your mistakes if you allow yourself to reflect on them.

When you fail at something, ask yourself questions like did I do my best? Did I put in enough effort? Did I give up too easily? If so, what should I do differently next time around? Gamers need to understand that failure teaches you more than success does.

Success makes you feel good about yourself but doesn’t provide valuable feedback on how to improve your performance or behavior in certain situations. In contrast, failure offers helpful information about those things because it allows you to point out your errors so that you can do better next time.

A study at Northwestern University found that the faster you fail, the more likely you will succeed. The more time between attempts, the higher your chances of failing again. You can’t succeed without failing first. Likewise, if you want your career trajectory as a gamer or game developer to be successful, don’t expect success immediately. It takes time and dedication before things start clicking into place. Just keep working hard until then.

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You Can Find Inspiration in Unexpected Places

You may think playing video games is just a hobby, but it can be a great way to get inspired. You might be playing a game and discovering something new about how you approach your career. The game you’re playing may be more advanced than you think, but the gameplay and storyline could be good examples of how to succeed in your industry.

For example, it is a widespread practice to play with smurf accounts in a game like League of Legends. These accounts can help you play against different levels of players and learn their tactics. You can then use the experience you gained and put it into practice to start ranking high on the leaderboards.

You can buy smurf accounts on online websites like unrankedsmurfs.com. They let a player start playing at different ranks of their choosing without putting in the effort to earn that rank. With a smart workaround, the player can gauge their skills at a higher level.

This might seem like a cheat, but it is an example of playing the game in a more advanced way. It allows you to better understand how things work at a higher level and gives you a chance to practice skills that would normally take longer to gain experience.

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You Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

Playing video games can teach you many things, including avoiding mistakes. For example, let’s say you are playing Call of Duty with your friends, and an enemy hides behind a wall that no one can see.

You know there’s something because you’ve been shot at before, but nobody else knows what’s happening. You could tell them they’re being shot at or try to rush in and take out the enemy yourself, or maybe it would be better if someone else tried to get around him first so he doesn’t shoot back.

What will happen if you do this? You might win. Or you might die as soon as you step out into the open air where your enemies can see you.

You Learn to See Past the Problem at Hand

A study conducted at Georgia State University found that gamers are faster and more efficient at decision-making. When you play video games, you’re given a task. You have to figure out how to get past the obstacle in front of you. To do that, you must look at the bigger picture.

If an enemy is blocking your path and another one behind it, what are their strengths and weaknesses? What moves will they make if left alone? If any attack leaves them vulnerable for even a moment, will it be worth your time?

You need to be able to identify problems before they can be solved. And once you’ve identified them through experimentation or research, the fun part comes in solving them. But before that happens, there’s no way around spending time in observation mode and problem-solving mode, which many people forget when trying out new things.

You Get To Manage Risk Versus Reward

There’s a reason why the concept of “risk versus reward” is so fundamental to any kind of gambling. If you don’t play, you can’t win. Similarly, if you’re not willing to take some risks in your career, then you’ll never get ahead. You might end up stuck with a job that pays well but doesn’t challenge or excite you or, even worse, working in a job requiring little skill or thoughtfulness.

Risk management is an essential part of computer gaming as well. In many games, such as Civilization and Europa Universalis IV, players build their empires by choosing what resources to exploit and where to expand their influence over time.

In these types of games, it’s easy for players who aren’t familiar with the game’s ruleset to make decisions that prevent them from winning because there are so many unknowns about how each move will affect future outcomes. There are usually multiple paths toward a victory that could be followed depending on which resources were collected first or which alliances were formed later.

You’re Better Equipped to Deal With Stress and Anxiety

Many people think playing video games is bad and raise concerns about poor mental and physical health. But research has shown that video games do not impact the player’s well-being.

Video games are a form of relaxation, and they can help manage stress and anxiety. Playing video games can help you relax after a hard day at work. You can play on your phone or computer or buy a console for your home so you can play with friends.

Video game characters often have to deal with stressful situations, but they always find some way to get through them. This teaches players how to deal with difficult people and situations at work, making them better prepared for life.


In conclusion, playing video games can be good for your career. While some may see this as a waste of time or even an insult to their intelligence, it could be a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve at their job. In fact, studies indicate that expert gamers are more attentive than others.

Games are designed to teach you how to respond in certain situations and handle challenges. The more you play them, the more you learn about yourself, and that knowledge carries over into your professional life. Who knew?

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