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What Is Google Question Hub? Beginner Guide to using in Benefits

today i will explain to you on google question hub, so everybody knows google is on a top form other different products so google never want to lose their users.

so google tries to lunch a new tool and google give them the name Google Question Hub. now after listening to this name what is in your mind about the google question hub tool so it,s clear this tool work for people’s questions? Sometimes peoples search on google then something right is not available on google then you can use this tool to solve your problem just ask your question on google Q? hub also if you are an expert person you have answers in your mind then you can solve google unanswered questions.

What is Google Question Hub?

so many people searching about what is google question hub so let me clear this tool is Q? and answers tool example if you are a user of Quora then google is also lunching question and answer tool where people ask a question and expert public peoples will give them answers.

When Google Question Hub Lunch or Release

currently, google question hub is in the beta version it,s not available publicly it,s for some Petron for testing once it,s completely done then google will lunch this tool globally so if you want to get notified by google when this tool lunch then you can visit the official website of google hub and enter your email then you will get notified.

How Does Google Question Hub work?

so this tool is developed by Google so it,s so simple many people asking questions on google. so millions of google unanswered questions are available on google so after this problem google going to lunch this tool for helping people who want their Q? answers. also if you are an expert person you can give answers.

How to Sign up for Google Question Hub

so it,s so easy just go to google question hub sign up and enter your details and one other awesome step is for sign up is you can log in with your Google account.

How to Get Traffic on Website? With Google Question Hub

so google making this tool for the public thousands of new bloggers not getting any traffic on their website. so this tool is benefits for you if you found any question on google question hub simple if you have an article on your website related to question then you can leave your article link then so this is best to get Huggy traffic but remember if your link is not related to question example someone asks what is iAMHJA? so first you need to write an article on your website then you can leave your website link so if the user not found your answers helpful then they can give you bad review i mean they report your account.

Where Google Question Hub is Available?

so currently this tool is available in Nigeria, India, and Indonesia just in 3 countries. so if you relay want to use this tool then insert your email on google Q? Hub then you will be notified when it,s lunch in your country.

Why You Need to Use Google Question Hub Tool

example i am a blogger and on daily basics, i am facing many problems then i can go on google hub and ask my question and thousand of experts available on google hub to solve my problem it,s totally free of cost. i also recommended to you to use this tool once it, available this tool will increase your Knowledge so let,s in with google question hub.

Benefits of Google Question Hub

so this tool is new but never underestimate the power of google once this tool lunch in public then this tool makes a fire in the internet world. i give you some example:- how google question hub is the benefit? for you.

1:Offline Reference

so google give you an option to export some data for offline usage once no internet available near you or if your smartphone then you can use this export data for information purposes.

2: New Writing Ideas For Beginner

can you know? google question hub will help you to write some new content example: if you are a blogger, story writer, teacher, book writer, etc many other things this tool will help you out to get better results for your content.

3:Drive Traffic & Increase Audience

can you know many peoples asking the question then this so benefits for you How google question Hub is the benefit? so let me explain if someone asks a question? then you ave a chance to give an awesome answer and live your blog and any other benefit link to grow our audience.

4:Answers to your Questions

so can you face any problem then you can ask any question on google hub then many experts will give you answers related to your problem and then your problem will be solved? also if you have any answer then you can solve other people problems.


i hope all of your doubts clear about google question hub but still if you have any equation leave in the comment section i will try to solve your problem.

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