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Conquer Gielinor: Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Basics

The freedom to choose a path for your gaming adventure is the beauty of Runescape 3 (RS3). However, new players or beginners may need clarification about where to start, and seasoned gamers may also need a refresher on progressing more rapidly in the game.

In this guide, we will explore all the game’s aspects. Whether you choose quests, combat, or non-combat and support skills as your journey, you will find value in this guide. So, let’s get into it!

Combat Training

So you have chosen the path of a warrior. Gielinor offers excellent opportunities for players choosing such a higher path. In combat, you must select your style based on its advantages. From there, you can find training spots to practice your combat.

Choosing Your Combat Style: Melee, Ranged, or Magic

Runescape 3 offers suitable combat styles, and users can pick whatever is most related to them. However, choosing one combat style means accepting it with its pros and cons.

  • Melee: It is the more traditional way of fighting. The style is more exciting as it uses swords and armor made from metal. It is a more familiar style that users can master to gain an advantage over rangers.
  • Ranged: The ranged combat style leads to weapons like EDC and Bakriminel Bolts. Like crossbows, weapons that work from a distance take down enemies. Also, you can utilize monsters’ hides to build armor.
  • Magic: Most beginners should prefer magic as their starting point. It is easier to manage, and the style is best against ranged users. It provides versatility and effective damage.

Leveling Up Effectively: Utilizing Training Spots

After you have a combat style in mind, you can move towards training and gather equipment in Runescape 3. Every combat style requires a different path to improve skills:

Melee: Close Range Combat

The free-to-play Abandoned Mine in Burthorpe is an excellent place to start your melee training. There are tons of trolls waiting for a combat. Beginners playing Runescape 3 can also go North of Lumbridge to find a chicken monster.

Ranged: Effective Damage from the Distance

Chicken is ideal for players between levels 1 and 20 to gain experience. They are usually at the Lumbridge chicken coop or south of Beefy Bill.

Magic: Effective Damage

Beginners can start from troll brutes that are weak to air spells. They are also in the familiar Runescape 3 Gielinor’s western section of the Burthorpe Troll Cave.

Gear Up and Improve Your Skill

Learning basic skills like cooking, firemaking, fishing, mining, and smithing are essential besides combat. RS3 has 29 skills, all of which help increase your combat level.

Exploring Different Skills: From Crafting to Herblore

All skills, including cooking, crafting, dungeoneering, and fletching, require specific activities to enhance them. For example, in Runescape 3, players using the magic style must have herblore skills to make potions. Keep gathering experience points from performing actions associated with a particular skill. This will unlock new activities.

Gearing Up: From Essential to Augmenting Equipment

As a player, you must identify essential equipment to help you in Runescape 3 early stages. Bows, Wands/orbs, and swords are all available at stores in Varrock. Look for the grand exchange to upgrade your gear +2. You can also boost your equipment with Enchantment of Agony, Enchantment of Heroism, etc, to gain damage boosting. They usually cost 59,899,431 of Runescape gold.

Keep exploring the world of Runescape 3 to keep gearing up and enhancing your weapons.

RS3 Gold and its Advantages

While exploring the mechanics of the game Runescape 3, you will come across the term Runescape Gold. It is essential when buying gear and supplies. A player with the most Runescape gold will have an advantage over the others grinding through to earn them.

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Runescape 3 is a massive game with tons of content and paths. There is no specific way to conquer Gielinor. Explore the game and its mechanics to find the best path for yourself.

However, everything starts with selecting the combat style, finding the right spots to improve skills, and enhancing your weapons using those skills. We hope you find your all-new interest in the game and master it while keeping the fundamentals in mind.

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