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Reverse 1999 Codes (February 2024) and how to redeem

The reverse 1999 game was recently released, and in a few days, this game got thousands of downloads globally, and they loved it. We know you want to get in-game items ASAP, so we have collected reverse 1999 codes for you to redeem and get rewards. Redeem codes are released by the game developer on the same day when they released the game.

At the moment, only a few redeem codes are released by game developers, but In the future, they will release many redeem codes. Let’s look at the list and know how to redeem them.

Today Working Reverse 1999 Codes

  • StarBright – Use to get x30 Clear Drop, x2 Fine Insight Casket, 10,000 Sharpodonty, 10,000 Dust
  • DipaFestival – Use to get 30 clear drops, jar of picrasma candy, three moments of dissonance, 1ok sharpodonty
  • Shamane  – Use to get 30 clear drops, two enlighten IIs, 10k dust, 10k sharpodonty
  • 6000000 – Use to get 200 clear drops
  • StarLight – Use to get some rewards
  • 5YRBRF9 – Use to get 3 Fine Insight Packages, 19999 Dust, and 19999 Sharpodonty
  • 1999GIFT – Use to get 50 Clear Drop and 19999 Dust

Expired Reverse 1999 Codes

  • ENTERTHESHOW – Use to get 60 Clear Drop, 3000 Sharpodonty, 4000 Dust, 2 Bottle of Pages, and 5 Enlighten I
  • GREENLAKE – Use to get some rewards
  • 9LRC9ZN – Use to get 60 clear drops, 10k dust, 12k sharpodonty, and a picrasma candy
  • VERSIONUPDATE – Use to get 60 clear drops and 5k dust
  • GACHAGAMING – Use to get some rewards

How do I Redeem Reverse 1999 Codes

To claim codes in Reverse: 1999, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Reverse: 1999 and access the main lobby.
  • Navigate to the drop-down menus located beneath the lobby buttons.
  • In the resulting window, click Settings Button.
  • Find the “Exchange code rewards” section and input your code into the designated box.
  • That’s all steps to follow to grab your rewards.


We shared with you all the reverse 1999 game redeem codes; in the future, when new redeem codes are available, we will update this post and add them here for you. We guide you on how to redeem them. Share this with your friends playing this game to help them grab reward redeem codes.

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