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Tips for Improving Gameplay in Destiny 2

D2 is an online shooter format in the MMO RPG genre, in which the player chooses his active character to resist an alien invasion, explore the territories of his home planet and go into space to explore new planets and follow the storyline.


The aliens began an open invasion of the earth with the goal of destroying all life and capturing the main city that the titans were building – a stronghold of strength and resilience.

You will choose one of three heroes, each of which has its own role and motives, and the overall gameplay will depend on your choice. Even if you choose destiny 2 boosting services instead of full pumping, your tasks will be identical to other mechanics and the general plot and role.

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A knight who is directly related to the order that rebuilt the main city, and each member took an oath to protect the city and all residents, even at the cost of their lives. This is the most armored and protected character who will summon a blocking shield that will be able to block most damage and shots that are dealt in a straight line for a certain time.

This means that opponents need to get around your back or flanks in order to inflict damage. The second feature of the hero can be considered the ability to use his steel fists, which will cause good damage but are not as stable and safe as conducting a shooting battle.

You will be able to hit the ground with your fists to knock over any opponents who come too close and take advantage of a second of confusion to deal fatal damage to them.

While playing as a character, you will have access to a system of subclasses and special cartridges that affect the overall gameplay. For example, lightning will add the ability to deal periodic damage to surrounding enemies as an addition to your main attacks.

This is especially effective when playing defensively, as long as you hold a shield to protect yourself and your allies while they provide Destiny 2 boosts. This will help you contribute to the fight alongside your allies without even firing a single shot.

The second option and format is the use of the mechanics of the new Stand subclass, which allows you to upgrade your capabilities by giving your steel fists a bloodletting effect.


This is a hero for mass attacks, which can use offensive or auxiliary mechanics depending on the chosen builds. If you follow the attacking format, then in addition to regular shooting, you will be able to launch massive attacks on enemies, causing them severe damage.

This feature is ineffective against single targets but works well in battles with multiple enemies. The subclass system will help you increase your damage but does not affect the auxiliary build in any way. You can turn to the power of emptiness or a stand. The void will enhance your attacks, and the Stand will turn the effects into shrapnel, causing great damage to anyone caught within its confines.

An auxiliary build will help create special zones that will heal and strengthen all allies who are within its boundaries and weaken enemies if they penetrate the territory created by the warlock. It is the warlock as a character that is most often used by grinding fans and professional players to provide Destiny 2 boosting service due to fast and stable damage to groups of monsters, so the hero is pumped up faster than others.


This hero is more of a loner who can nevertheless play as part of a group. You will be able to inflict stable damage from a long distance or switch to melee weapons to fight at close ranges, which it is advisable to avoid so as not to waste your advantage.

As a subclass, you can use the power of the sun to concentrate the power of your shots and deal increased damage, especially against bosses and during PVP. This is the strongest and most stable hero in PVP and during Destiny 2 raid carry. With good cover, you will do a lot of damage in Trial of Osiris and most raids.

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Fulfill Contracts

If you want to speed up your leveling significantly, then you need to complete not only plot and secondary tasks but also contracts.

A contract is the performance of in-game actions for a certain period of time in exchange for experience. Objectives may involve shooting certain weapons, headshots, using grenades and skills. You must be on time before the task update time; otherwise, their result will not be counted. The contract is either fulfilled, or it is not.

Weekly tasks have more requirements but also bring more experience. If you wish, you can upgrade contracts ahead of time by spending glimmers – the local currency of Destiny 2. In this way, you can regularly receive a strong increase in D2 boosting simply by investing money in experience.

Go on strikes and raids

This is a format for clearing temporary zones in which you must defeat bosses of various difficulty levels. Strike is a simplified format for two or three players that can be played alone if you are careful.

You need to go through the time zone and destroy the monsters and the chapter of the dungeon to get equipment and weapons comparable to the level. Raids are more complex and are recommended for squads of five people, but the system does not limit your wishes to be completed with a smaller number of participants, but the chances of success will be less.

Raids are divided into regular, heroic and mythic. Each new difficulty for a specific dungeon opens after completing the previous one. Raids are more complex and are recommended for squads of five people, but the system does not limit your wishes to be completed with a smaller number of participants, but the chances of success will be less.

Raids are divided into regular, heroic and mythic. Each new difficulty for a specific dungeon opens after completing the previous one. The regular format is the easiest and most stable, which does not require much effort but rather attentiveness and stability.

Watch out for special skills and learn to dodge them – this will come in handy in future more difficult formats. The Heroic Raid is a little more difficult and a little more dynamic than the standard one. The drop from such raids is also more valuable because it prepares you for the Mythic difficulty level, which will open after completing the current stage.

Epic is the most difficult format because it requires more players for more or less optimal completion. If you are not careful, you will easily die and lose the raid. This format potentially yields the most valuable drops and legendary gear and weapons you can get from a D2 raidcarry. Focus on raiding until you have the optimal gear for your character.

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