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War Robots Codes (June 2024) Get Rewards!

Embarking on the adrenaline-fueled journey of War Robots Multiplayer Battles has been an exhilarating experience for us, making it an absolute standout among our favorite shooting games. Intrigued by its unique allure, I felt compelled to pen down my encounters and unveil the intricacies that make this game an exceptional venture.

Let us embark on the dissecting journey of this robot shooting game. The initial encounter unfolds through a captivating trailer, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the riveting world that awaits players. As the scenes unfold, the anticipation builds, setting the stage for an immersive and action-packed experience that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Active War Robots Codes

  • WARROBOTS10 – Use to get rewards
  • GC-TOQZ-SKABBD – Use to get 1 Blue Data Pad (Silver)
  • GC-SUDI-AMHVDJ – Use to get x100 Gold
  • GC-HPKJ-ROOVBS – Use to get x100 Keys
  • GC-SGHQ-SEFLKI – Use to get x150 Power Cells
  • GC-SREA-NBCAAO – Use to get x1000000 Silver
  • HNBDT777 – Use to get equipment x5, Money x200
  • TQA9012 – Use to get Money x700K

Expired War Robots Codes

  • wrchristmas2023 – Use to get rewards
  • wrfirstcode01 – Use to get diamonds
  • SVI10bf0d0c – Use to get diamonds
  • VVI46918066 – Use to get a reward
  • EVI51e66879 – Use to get a reward
  • TAI5a00c363 – Use to get a reward
  • FRIec73a87 – Use to get a reward
  • BHI2dc8abad – Use to get a reward

How to Redeem War Robots Codes

It’s easy to use war robots codes and get rewards, follow our steps to claim your rewards.

  • First, go to warrobots.com/redeem
  • Now enter your ID, platform, and working redeem code
  • Hit the submit button.
  • Launch warrobots and claim your rewards in-game mail.


That’s all about warrobots to easily claim free rewards, soon we will add more redeem codes and also you can submit some redeem codes if you find some new ones.

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