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Yeet A Friend Codes (June 2024) Get Pet, Starts, Gems

Who among your friends will you select to participate in Roblox’s thrilling game, “Yeet A Friend”? Utilize your mighty power to hurl one of your Roblox companions with all your might.

Yeet a Friend code in Yeet provides Energy or extraordinary Pets. These Pets are vital in enhancing your throwing distance and increasing Energy winnings. Use yeet redeem codes to get some free rewards in the game.

Working Yeet A Friend Codes

  • Gifting – Use to get Mythic Slime Pet
  • Aztec – Use to get 3x Wheel Spins
  • YeetA250K – Use to get mythic slime pet
  • FreeStars – Use to get 750 Gems
  • HalfMillionInsanity – Use to get Mythic Slime Pet

Expired Yeet A Friend Codes

  • Christmas – Use to get 10k Stars
  • Sewer – Use to get mythic slime pet
  • Halloween2023 – Use to get mythic slime pet
  • Mask – Use to get mythic slime pet
  • Aztec – Use to get three-wheel spins
  • LIBRARY – Use to get mythic slime pet
  • MAGIC – Use to get three times energy boost
  • AFK – Use to get double luck boost
  • Glacier – Use to get 10k stars
  • Enchanted – Use to get 5k Stars
  • Teleporter – Use to get 5k Stars
  • EASYEET – Use to get 2 Power Boost
  • Dimension – Use to get a Boost
  • MoneyUpdate – Use to get 1 Mythic Slime Pet
  • YeetCartoon – Use to get a free Pet
  • NeonPet – Use to get a Pet
  • FreePower – Use to get free Power
  • Nightmares – Use to get Boost
  • AtomicReward – Use to get Energy
  • StarShopper – Use to get Energy
  • Alien – Use to get 412 Energy
  • Yarrr – Use to get Power Boost
  • Trading – Use to get Spider Pet
  • Yeet – Use to get 412 Energy
  • Atlantis – Use to get 1030 Energy
  • Release – Use to get 412 Energy
  • OneThousandLikes – Use to get 412 Energy

How to redeem codes in Yeet A Friend

  • Launch the Yeet A Friend game on Roblox.
  • Navigate to the designated spot where the CODES Twitter bird is located.
  • Then, the popup box is open; enter their redemption code.
  • Now, if your enter code works, you will get a free reward.


That’s all about “yeet a friend” to get and redeem codes. If you found some expired codes in our article, please let us know, and we will update this list. Also, share with your friends playing this game to benefit from redeeming codes.

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