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Aether Gazer Tier List (June 2024) Top Characters Rank

Selecting the optimal characters in a gacha game such as Aether Gazer holds the key to success, determining whether you triumph or fall short. Therefore, a tier list proves invaluable in guiding your choices. As you advance in the game, formidable adversaries in the form of the vicious computer virus called Visbanes stand in your path. We write this article in a short and simple to easily understand tier, and that’s enough.

To overcome these foes, it becomes crucial to make wise decisions regarding the most effectual modifiers, and this ranked list for Aether Gazer is here to assist you in doing just that. If you want some redeemable codes, you must check out Aether Gazer codes to get some free ones.

Aether Gazer Tier List Best Characters Rank

After deep research, we will share with you Aether Gazer top character list to know which character is best and worst in the game. It also depends on different factors and your choice.

Aether Gazer Tier S

This tier comprises the game’s most powerful characters, excelling in their effectiveness against enemies.

  • Shinri Tsukuyomi
  • Ablaze Tyr
  • Rahu Asura
  • Tidal Song Poseidon
  • Living Soul Osiris
  • Rugiri Kagutsuchi
  • Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi

Aether Gazer Tier A

  • Arctic Abyss Poseidon
  • Shinku Buzenbo Tengu
  • Airgetlam Nuadha
  • Early Sakura Ookuninushi
  • Gusty Lance Shu
  • Innocence Osiris
  • Drifting Fury Leviathan

Aether Gazer Tier B

  • Radiant Feather Hera
  • Frost Fang Vidar
  • Dark Mistletoe Hodur

Aether Gazer Tier C

  • Croc Rage Sobek
  • New Pact Verthandi
  • Sakubo Tsukuyomi

Aether Gazer Tier D

  • Surefire Zekibo Tengu
  • Glare Apollo


That is all about the Aether Gazer Tier List. We are sharing this tier list on our own experience and search, which does not mean this list is final. Also, when game developers launch some updates in the feature, they may change some characters’ powers.

We will update this list when some critical updates are available, and you can drop a comment below if we miss something.

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