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Valorant Agent Tier List Updated June 2024

We know you are playing valorant agent and looking for a valorant agent tier list. After deep research, we collected a tier list to read and learn more about the Valorant Agent game and become a better player.

It does not matter if you are an old player. You need to read this tier list to learn more about this game and play the game like a pro. For example, if you don’t know about the game character tier and their powers, it is difficult for you to win battles.

Which character is perfect for your team and has more power than others? Before spending your time and research, you must read this valorant agent tier guide. We are 100% sure once you read and understand about tier, you can easily play Valorant Agent and win battles.

Valorant Agent Tier List

Let’s begin to know about the valorant agent tier. Below, we share all tiers in the heading section to easily read and understand every tier. This list helps you to know more about the Valorant Agent game.

S Tier

  • Sova
  • Sage
  • Jett
  • Yoru


Sova is a good character. We recommend you select Sova for your team. Sova giving good damage to their enemies. Sova is good, but that does not mean selecting this player without your needs. Junebe, your playing style is different, and your need is different.

So it is difficult to hide sova; when enemies search you, they can find your location sova.


Sage can heal themselves quickly. Sage has one more superpower: Sage can resurrect their teammates quickly. Sage is a good character; you can select this one.

Sage also has fight-back powers. Sage can kill their enemies. They can fire on their enemies, and sage pressure their enemies to leave their location. Sage also has other powers; once you select this character in your team, you will see all their powers.

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After listing Jett’s names, you can guess their powers. Jett is a faster character in the roster. Jett can easily beat their enemies with their fastest motions and actions. Jett also has flying power and flies fast.

If you want to win battles, then you must select jett agent in your team. jett can beat their enemies easily if you use a jett agent ideally.


Yoru are not good at fighting. If your enemies have some excellent power agents, yoru cannot fight with them. That does not mean yoru are too bad; if you use their power correctly, yoru can create problems for your enemies.

A Tier Valorant Agent

  • Omen
  • Raze
  • Chamber
  • Cypher
  • Reyna
  • Viper
  • Killjoy


Omen has teleportation abilities to fight with enemies. That’s difficult for your enemies to fight with omen. Omen can move anytime, anywhere, but you must use their power correctly to beat your enemies.

Omen has smoking powers; from this power, you can blind your enemies, move forward, and easily beat them. It would be best if you tried omen in your team.


Raze is a good agent, but many fans complained that their power does not match with a character; they want some more power for Raze because they live to raze agents. So if you are a new player, use the Raze agent. Occasionally, you will easily control this agent, and you can beat other enemies with razing powers.

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Chamber is a good player with lots of features. Chamber can be played in Jett’s playstyle. In every update, the chamber has become more powerful; if you use this character ideally, you will win.

Chamber can fire from long range at their enemies and down them. The best thing is about the chamber you can purchase bullets with just 100 credits, and 100 credits are not too much to buy bullets. It’s easy for you to purchase lots of bullets.

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Cypher is a good character, but in some recent patches, they faced many bug errors, and that’s the reason they lost their pick rate. That does not mean Cypher is terrible; after some patches, Cypher is still ranked in the top tier. You can select this character to play a game.


Reyana is not a game-launched player; this player is released after some time, and Reyana is a big surprise for players.

Reyana is a player, and Reyana has the power to clutch in 1vX situations. Junebe, this agent is perfect for you if you want to fight. Reyana is on the list of potent agent, and their best power is attacking their enemies from different angles. You can beat your enemies easily if you choose reyana.

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Viper is a good agent, and their powers are increased after some updates. If you use viper power correctly, you can beat your enemies easily. Many people think Viper is not a good agent, but that is incorrect.

Viper cannot do anything alone if another team is good. To win battles, you need more good agents in your Viper team.


Due to its importance, Killjoy is a big supporter of this place, especially of runners. A small dome can cause much discomfort, especially during a natural walk, as its marked lips are an excellent material to cover the thighs or back.

Killjoy, making space for your team to kill your enemies on their land. Killjoy may be good for you to win battles.

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B Tier Valorant Agent

  • Breach
  • KAY/O
  • Astra
  • Skye
  • Neon


A breach agent is a good agent, but remember that their powers will affect your teammates if you do not use breach agent power correctly. However, bleach kits contain many powerful and destructive substances that can often be replaced with this reaction.

Furthermore, using his unique abilities makes it more difficult for enemies to control his nervousness.


KAY/O is a good agent, and her nature is to have fun. If you want to enjoy your gameplay, select this team player. Her fragment is suitable for enemies. Select Kay/o in your team for some fun.


Astra’s ultimate & utility is good for beating enemies. Astra’s have the power to stop your enemy pushes when they try to attack you, then Astra will hold these attacks.

Astra has the power to smoke, and their smoke power is rechargeable and re-smokeable. I hope you know how to use it and where to use it. And the bad thing is their control is complex. If you are a new player, this isn’t easy to handle.


Skye is a potent agent to start Act 3. Skye can re-equip their weapon quickly. Skye can travel all the map very fast. Most importantly, it provides the team with information about the enemy. Combine this with the soft zoo and peer pressure, and it’s easy to take advantage of.


Neon, the new agent of war, could seriously threaten his rights. Proud of the large drains, neon shoes usually mean fast road death. Neon is a fun player to select neon. If you select neon, you will earn high rewards, and the problem is neon is a high-risk agent.

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C Tier Valorant Agent

  • Brimstone
  • Phoenix


Brimstone is good, but her weaker controller makes her in the C tier. One more rotten thing about her is that brimstone food steps are louder, so the enemy will know your location quickly, and they will beat you.


Phoenix is ​​the latest and most efficient way to start, crawl, or safely assemble parts. He also got Molotov power; her best power was building a wall to hide from enemies.

When his last run returns, the agent may calm down one or two before being sent back to the Ultimate Start; his health may be restored. This makes it an excellent ability for offensive players to take a small risk.

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