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Honkai Star Rail Tier List (All Top Characters List)

Navigating the intricate world of Honkai Star Rail can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to assembling an optimal party lineup. Fear not, our comprehensive tier list is meticulously crafted to aid you in selecting the most formidable characters.

Honkai Star Rail revolves around the gacha mechanic, here referred to as the Warp system. In addition to guiding you toward the top-performing characters, the Honkai Star Rail Tier List also offers insights into each character’s strengths, weaknesses, and optimal team compositions. Want some free rewards we write a complete article on that honkai star rail codes to get rewards.

Honkai Star Rail Tier List

By understanding the nuances of each hero, you can strategically assemble a formidable squad tailored to your playstyle and objectives. Whether you prefer unleashing devastating AoE attacks or providing crucial support to your team, this tier list is invaluable for maximizing your potential in Honkai Star Rail.

So, delve into its rankings and recommendations to embark on your journey toward victory with confidence and precision. Let’s delve into the rankings and recommendations to embark on your journey toward victory with confidence and precision.

Honkai Star Rail Tier S

Characters Path Element Affiliation Ultimate Technique
Bronya The Harmony Wind Belobog The Belobog March:
Boosts allies’ attack and critical rates.
Banner of Command: Increases attack of all allies
Bailu The Abundance Lightning The Xianzhou Luofu Leap of Marsh Drakon: Heal all allies Saunter in the Rain: Invigorate all allies for one turn
Seele The Hunt Quantum Belobog Butterfly Flurry: Inflicts massive damage on one foe. Phantom Illusion: Temporarily invisible to foes
Tingyun The Harmony Lightning The Xianzhou Luofu Ritual of the Auspicious Cloud: Boosts ally energy regeneration and amplifies damage output. Gentle Breeze: Regenerates Tingyun’s energy
Jing Yuan The Erudition Lightning The Xianzhou Luofu Lightbringer: Damage to all enemies Command Talisman: Increases Lightning Lord’s attack count
Gepard The Preservation Ice Belobog Enduring Bulwark: Shield for all allies Comradery: Shield for all allies
Trailblazer (Fire) The Preservation Fire Astral Express War-Flaming Lance: Damage to all enemies Call of the Guardian: Gains shield for one turn
Luocha Abundance Imaginary Xianzhou Luofu Death Wish: Strips enemy buffs, inflicts massive damage Mercy of a Fool: Instantly heals the ally with the lowest health percentage
Blade Destruction Wind Stellaron Hunters Death Sentence: Inflicts heavy wind damage on one foe, damaging nearby targets too. Karma Wind: Inflicts wind damage on all foes upon entering battle.
Kafka Nihility Lightning Stellaron Hunters Twilight Trill: Deals lightning damage to all enemies Mercy Is Not Forgiveness: Attacks enemy immediately
Silver Wolf The Nihility Quantum Stellaron Hunters User Banned: Lower foe’s defense, deal massive damage. Force Quit Program: Attacks enemy immediately
Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae Destruction Imaginary Xianzhou Luofu Azure’s Aqua Ablutes All: Inflicts significant magical damage on one enemy, with additional damage to nearby targets. Heaven-Quelling Prismadrakon: Enters combat in Leaping Dragon state

Honkai Star Rail Tier A

Characters Path Element Affiliation Ultimate Technique
Himeko The Erudition Fire The Astral Express Heavenly Flare: Damage to all enemies Incomplete Combustion: Temporarily increases fire damage
March 7th The Preservation Ice The Astral Express Glacial Cascade: Damage to all enemies Freezing Beauty: Attacks enemy immediately
Yanqing The Hunt Ice The Xianzhou Luofu Swallow’s Pluvious Pursuit: Increases critical rate Master Fencer: Boosts damage against foes with equivalent or greater HP temporarily.
Clara The Destruction Physical Belobog Promise, Not Command: Clara’s damage reduced, ensures Svarog counter on ally attacks. Small Price For Victory: Attacks enemy immediately
Sushang The Hunt Physical The Xianzhou Luofu Shape of Taixu: Dawn Herald- Inflicts massive damage on one foe. Knight Sword Art: Rush – Attacks enemy immediately
Natasha The Abundance Physical Belobog Gift of Rebirth – Heals all allies Hypnosis Research – Attacks enemy immediately
Welt The Nihility Imaginary The Astral Express Synthetic Black Hole: Damage to all enemies Gravitational Imprisonment – Enemy movement slowed
Pela The Nihility Ice Belobog Zone Suppression – Damage to all enemies Preemptive Strike – Attacks enemy immediately
Yukong Harmony Imaginary Xianzhou Luofu Diving Kestrel – Inflicts massive damage on one foe while boosting allies’ critical and damage rates. Chasing the Wind – Increases movement speed

Honkai Star Rail Tier B

Characters Path Element Affiliation Ultimate Technique
Asta The Harmony Fire Herta Space Station Astral Bleeding – Temporarily increases speed of all allies Miracle Flesh – Attacks enemy immediately
Arlan The Destruction Lightning Herta Space Station Frenzied Punishment – Deals huge to single enemy Swift Harvest – Attacks enemy immediately
Dan Heng The Hunt Wind The Astral Express Ethereal Dream – Deals huge damage to single enemy Splitting Spearhead – Temporarily increases attack
Sampo The Nihility Wind Belobog Surprise Present – Damage to all enemies Shining Bright – Temporarily blinds enemy so they can’t detect team
Serval The Erudition Lightning Belobog Here Comes the Mechanical Fever – Damage to all enemies Good Night, Belobog – Attacks enemy immediately
Hook The Destruction Fire Belobog Boom! Here Comes the Fire! – Inflicts massive damage on one foe. Ack! Look at This Mess! – Attacks enemy immediately
Qingque The Erudition Quantum The Xianzhou Luofu Four Concealed Fish? Win! – Damage to all enemies To Challenge Myself – Draws two jade tiles
Luka Nihility Physical Belobog Coupe de Grâce – Damage huge physical damage to enemy Anticipator – Immediately attacks enemy

Honkai Star Rail Tier C

Characters Path Element Affiliation Ultimate Technique
Trailblazer (Physical) The Erudition Physical Astral Express Stardust Ace – Damage to single enemy or all enemies Immortal Third Strike – Heal all allies

Honkai Star Rail Tier D

Characters Path Element Affiliation Ultimate Technique
Herta The Erudition Ice Herta Space Station It’s Magic, I Added Some Magic – Damage to all enemies It Can Still Be Optimized – Temporarily increases attack


While tier lists can offer valuable insights into character strengths and weaknesses, they’re just one piece of the puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail. It’s crucial to consider synergy among your team members, understand their abilities, and strategize your gameplay accordingly.

Experimenting with different combinations can uncover hidden potentials and elevate your overall performance. Additionally, staying informed about game updates and adapting your strategies accordingly can keep your team competitive in ever-evolving challenges.

So, while individual character strength matters, it’s the cohesion and synergy of your team that ultimately determines success in the dynamic world of Honkai: Star Rail.

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