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Top 5 Characters for Genshin Impact

The expansive cast of characters in Genshin Impact is, without question, the game’s most notable feature. Some have gloomy histories, while others have bubbly personalities and many friends. Some are ecstatic, while others are pessimistic, uninteresting, or sluggish.

Players enjoy Genshin characters because of their ability sets and because they generally mirror people’s personalities. This is also why certain of them are so phenomenally popular among the general public. However, there is no such thing as a good or poor character in the game as long as you enjoy playing with it.

Or you can hire your Genshin Impact booster at any time If, on the other hand, you are someone who takes the game a little too seriously and wants to be the best like no one ever was, the following Genshin Impact character tier list, which is based on version 4.1, will assist you in constructing the best possible team compositions and will help you become the best player you can be.

Characters with an S-Tier Genshin Impact are some of the greatest in the game. Having one of these characters on your team will assist you in reaching higher levels and advancing further through the Abyss. Coupled with other characters, they contribute incredible value to the squad, yet they are typically successful even on their own. The following is a list of all of Genshin Impact’s S-Tier characters.

Top Characters in Genshin Impact


Bennett is likely the first name that comes to mind when you ask Genshin players to name the support character in the game that they consider to be the greatest. He is a sword and Pyro character who can do respectable damage, apply Pyro to help vaporize opposing teams, buff your party members, and heal them if they are low on health. His ability to heal and his capacity to deal damage both scale based on his HP stat.

Running Bennett with Nobless Oblige, which scales off HP, can enhance the healing capabilities and attack to increase the overall damage output of the squad. Because of this, Bennett is a universal character as well as one of the finest characters in the game.


Xiangling was one of the first characters to appear in the game and was notable for the damage she could deal. The same holds today, except some other Pyro characters have taken her position. Because of her consistent and large Pyro damage, Xiangling is an excellent choice for an off-field character or a secondary damage dealer. Because she is so good at vaporizing responses, pairing her up with Childe or Ayato to get the most potential out of her is highly recommended.

She is versatile with artifacts, possesses some of the most well-scaled constellations in the game, and is also one of the most effective damage dealers that can be utilized in the Abyss. In the grand scheme, she is a versatile Pyro Sub-DPS unit that players of both low and high AR may utilize in Genshin Impact.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is the finest Pyro unit in the game because of her C1 constellation and her charged attack does not cost any stamina. This is because she deals enormous damage with her vaporized reactions. Her elemental skill infuses Pyro, and all her normal attacks damage Pyro at the cost of some of her health. She functions most effectively when paired with units that deal with and inflict continuous and persistent hydro damage, such as Xingqiu or Yelan.

Constructing Hu Tao is straightforward: you just give your weapons and artifacts as much emphasis as possible on increasing their critical strike rate and critical strike damage. The Crimson Witch of Flames is the most advantageous artifact set for Hu Tao, while the Staff of Homa is, without a doubt, the most advantageous weapon. Deathmatch and Blackcliff Pole are two of the free-to-play games that are available as alternatives.


Genshin Impact’s Lyney, a Pyro Bow Main DPS character, is not only a trailblazer from the country of Fontaine but also a spectacle with his sister Lynette, captivating locals with their magical performances. Known for his exceptional damage output, Lyney thrives without the need for elemental reactions, making him perfect for hyper-carry or mono-Pyro compositions. His prowess extends to underwater exploration, enhancing his ability to unearth Fontaine’s treasures.

As an S-tier character, maximizing his potential involves the Marechaussee Hunter artifact set and The First Great Magic weapon. For those looking to optimize Lyney’s build, utilizing a Kboosting coupon code can provide access to exclusive deals, ensuring that your journey through Teyvat is as rewarding and efficient as possible.


In Genshin Impact, Ganyu is a damage per second (DPS) and sub-DPS unit. Her usefulness stems from the fact that once her charged attack ability, “Frostflake Arrow” hits an opponent, she deals area-of-effect damage.

Her elemental talent helps buy time by altering the focus of foes, while her elemental burst, “Celestial Shower,” launches an ice shard shower, delivering continual cryo damage to the target. If you are within the burst range, the damage done by cryo attacks is increased by 20%


Now is the moment to pick and construct the Genshin Impact characters you like the most from our tier list or to investigate all possible new Genshin Impact characters.

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