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Discord top secret control panel! you need to know

here i will share with you the Discord top secret control panel, so here i will reveal the discord control panel secret with you this secret will help you to use the control panel in a better way.

many peoples play online games and Handel their community but with slow internet, they can not do because of many problems it,s not an easy task to handle your community online. Discord is a free chat and voice sender communicator for gamers discord is a software you need to install them to use in a better way.

are you facing a problem in disconnectivity to connect with your friends and your fans, now this time discord becomes a popular reason in PUBG games many YouTubers use Discord for a chat and voicer sender to communicate?
how to unlock the secret control panel on discord

Discord top secret control panel how to access?

if you need a discord control panel secret? but first, you need to install the discord app on your window pc. you can install them in easy why we guide you down below in easy steps.

  • first, go yo discord official website
  • then download the best-supported version for your window
  • then install on your pc
  • now open discord software on your pc

we have given you down below a picture you can clearly see Discord top secret control panel which is grey it,s mean this is still disabled.


  • so basically these features can only be open when developers open it from discord development and admin panel and maintenance purposes.
  • this button may be available in a beta version of discord but still, this is still under development and this feature may be available soon for users.
  • do you attempt to activate this feature so no anything when you succeed because this is not any date it,s feature developer still modifying and making this feature you need to wait for you can use Discord Top Secret Control Panel.
  • with the top-secret features, nothing to do just make your curious

Can i access Discord top secret control panel?

so still we can not say anything about this may be in feature it,s work and enable it,s a no official announcement, discord secret control panel.

to activation of this feature behind this noting something special and not an any different concept it,s still under development and big update for a gaming community.

so if you need it so claim it and wait for upcoming updates. discord also fix bugs and update something new in a new updated version. so if you have any problem and any quire Q? so drop a comment i will try to give you a response as soon as possible, i hope you like our article about Discord top secret control panel

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