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Keira Team Hero Wars

Do you want to know more about the Keira team hero wars? Then, we will discuss this in this article. Keira is the real hero when taking down enemy teams on short notice. Keira has several team lineups for the Hero War Game – both Facebook and mobile.

I hope you know about the exact version of the Keira team. Morrigan & Corvus is not an effort in both versions. They are different from Andvari & Sebastian, so that makes both versions unique and different from each other.

Also, remember that you can change the hero of your choice or whatever you want. It’s good that you don’t have a jet before; don’t be afraid to switch to King Mao for an extra jet or some extra coach penetration, etc. Also, you can change the Astaroth to another tank of your choice, but I think Astaroth is the best tank in the game.

Hero Wars Keira Team

Team 1: Morrigan, Jet, Corvus, Nebula, and Keira

This team is good, You can select this team for your next war and defeat your enemies. This means this version is only used for the mobile version, where Phobos, Keira & faceless are also considered Undead-type heroes.

This is a big hit for the team. Keira will do a lot of damage to the enemy team. I think all teams helped Keira damage, and now Keira damage has increased.

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Team 2: Nebula Qing Mao, Jet, Astaroth, and Keira

Do you know Keira proc pure damage? If you use Keira power properly, then your enemy is quickly dead. Qing Mao is a good fighter character. Qing Mao can defeat enemies’ boos, and you can win the game easily if your enemies have good power; then qing mao uses more power to defeat enemies.

So if you don’t have Keira winter skin, you can select Qing Mao and out Keira from your selection.

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Team 3: Keira, Jet +x, Andvari, and Nebula

This team is working with the Facebook version. Andvari protects Keira from knock-ups, and now you can save Keira from Andvari power. So, with this team, you can quickly kill Twins & Karkh.

Keep in mind Sebastian and Nebula are not working with the mobile version. The developer changes both character positions for a mobile version. If you want to survive Andvari, then they need a tank to survive enemy hits. Also, you can select another hero to win this war if you like another player or you know another player is good, then select this one.

Team 4: Morrigan, Andvari, Corvus, Nebula, and Keira

So, you can use Andvari to save your team from Twins & Karkh in this team. From other team members, you can fight and defeat your enemies. If you know more about this team, share it with us, and other people will benefit from these tips.

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Team 5: Keira, Jet, Astaroth, Nebula, and Andvari

So, this team is not available for a mobile version; maybe in future, this team will be available for a mobile version. If you are a Facebook version player, you can easily select this team and enjoy your game.

The developer is changing Sebastian with Andvari. I hope you know about Andvari. This character is a good hero. Andvari will protect all team members from enemies.


So I hope you learn something from this article. If you have any questions or any other information in your mind, please share it with us, and then other people will read your information through the comment section. Thanks for spending your time with us and reading Keira Team Hero Wars.

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