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Legend of Almia Codes Idle RPG (May 2023) Redeem Free Gifts

Looking for the most up-to-date codes for Legend of Almia? Here we are with the latest active codes that can unlock exciting rewards such as currency, boosters, and in-game items, all for free.

We always update this article as soon as possible when a developer releases a new redeem code so just bookmark this page to get the latest legend of almia codes. So let’s look at this active list and use them to get some free rewards.

Working Legend of Almia Codes

Here are all of the active working legend of almia codes to use to get some amazing free rewards. Must use as soon as possible and also share with others to take benefit from this free reward.

  • YOMEYO – Use to get 5 Affairs Scroll, 300 Sacred Meteor, 5 Goddess Tear, Sacred Stone Lucky Bag(Medium)
  • MEYOYO – Use to get 5 Goddess Tear, 50k Heroes EXP, 5 Dispatch Refresh Coupon, Growth Resources Selection Chest
  • CUTEYO – Use to get 200 Sacred Meteor, 300 Sacred Stone, 50k Gold, 50k Heroes EXP
  • HIYOYO – Use to get 10 Goddess Tear, 666 Sacred Stone, 200 Sacred Meteor, 50k Heroes EXP
  • LOVEYO – Use to get 3 Duel Scroll, 5 Arena Ticket, Sacred Stone Lucky Bag(Medium), 50k Gold
  • YZC6666 – Use to get 10 Goddess Tear, 100k Gold, 100 Sacred Meteor, 200 Sacred Stone
  • YZC9999 – Use to get Equipment Treasure Chest, 5 Star Hero
  • LA5555 – Use to get 10 Goddess Tear, 500 Sacred Stone, 500 Sacred Meteor, 300k Heroes EXP
  • YZC8888 – Use to get 500 Sacred Stone, 60 Star Hero Shard
  • LOVEYA – Use to get 200 Sacred Meteor, 200 Sacred Stone, Growth Resources Selection Chest, 50k Heroes EXP
  • AFK888 – Use to get 60 Star Hero Shard, Violet Crystal Divinity, 500 Power of Faith, 1200 Sacred Stone
  • PIUSAH – Use to get 20 Goddess Tear, 5 Advanced Magic Wheel Roll, 500 Sacred Meteor, 800k Heroes EXP
  • WEJHSA – Use to get 3 Goddess Tear, 3 Magic Wheel Roll, 300 Sacred Meteor, 600k Gold
  • TOKYOO – Use to get 10 Basic Equip. EXP Card, 500 Sacred Stone, 5 Goddess Tear, 50k Heroes EXP
  • LA7777 – Use to get 3 Prayer Star, 300k Gold, Advanced Magic Wheel Roll, 800 Sacred Stone
  • MMLLPS – Use to get Prayer Star, Violet Crystal Divinity, 5-Star 5-color Shard Selection Chest, 1000k Gold
  • YZC7777 – Use to get 100k Heroes EXP, 3 Advanced Magic Wheel Roll

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Expired Legend of Almia Codes

  • Currently, zero code is expried.

How to Redeem Legend of Almia Codes

Redeeming the code in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  • Tap on the avatar or profile of your character located at the top left corner.
  • Select the option for “Code.”
  • Enter the code from the provided list.
  • Ensure that you enter the code exactly as it appears, including any uppercase letters, to avoid any errors.
  • Once you’ve entered the code, tap on “Confirm.”
  • Then you will receive your reward.

We’ll continue to provide updates in the future whenever new redeem codes are made available.

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That’s all about the legend of almia codes, we will update this article soon when the game developer releases new codes or the old code is get expired. Must share with your friends who are playing this game to take benefit from these free rewardable codes.

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