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The Presentation Experience Codes (March 2023)

The presentation experience is a popular game developed by minimal games. We will share and talk about the presentation experience codes. If you are playing this game then you already know about this game but if you are a new one then I also hope you know the game topic from the game name.

Basically, the presentation experience is a game in this game you can give a presentation and improve your skills and enjoy this game.

In starting you will face some difficulty but after some time that’s easy for you to play the presentation experience.

If you are a “the presentation experience” player then you really need to redeem codes to get some extra stuff and points in a game. Down below we are sharing with you some redeem codes to use and get some rewards.

Also, bookmark this article to get new codes and updates because we update our article from time to time when a new update is coming or an old code is expired.

Latest The Presentation Experience Codes

  • maxwellgood – Use to get 20 Gem (New)
  • manfacepooper – Use to get 10 minute 5x points boost
  • Hallway – Points or Free Gems
  • fartyreward – Use to get 100 points
  • 100MVISITS – Get free points & Gems
  • pencil – points or Free Gems
  • 900KMEMBERS – Get free points & Gems
  • MILLIONMEMBERS! – Get free points & Gems
  • 180klikes – Use to get 10 gems
  • therearenootherteachersintheschoolbecausenobodywantstoseethebadteacher – Get free points & Gems
  • 800KFAVORITES – Get free points & Gems
  • 700kmembers – Use to get free rewards
  • bababooeypoints – Use to get free rewards
  • 5gems – Use to get 5 gems
  • takenotes – Use to get free points
  • 660kfavorites – Use to get free rewards
  • anfisanova – Use to get 25 points
  • 200KLIKES – Use to get 20 gems and 200 points
  • egg – Use to get 50 points
  • 600kmembers – Use to get free spins
  • funnybackrooms – Use to get 5 gems
  • Minimalgamespro – Use to get 25 points
  • 175klikes – Use to get 5x points & 10 Gems for minutes
  • nootnoot – Use to get some free rewards
  • lava – 50 Points
  • Code – 15 Points
  • azureoptix – 25 Points
  • toilet – 50 Points
  • push-ups – 100 Points
  • chugjug – 100 Points
  • helicopter – 50 Points
  • NikkoCoder – 50 Points
  • Cringe – 25 Points
  • Megaboost – 5x Points for one minute
  • Rat – 25 Points
  • jennahacker – 100 Points
  • poop – 100 Points
  • bookworm – 80 Points
  • 500Kmembers – 500 Points
  • 10points – 10 Points
  • Sheesh – 30 Points
  • 150KLIKES – 5x Points for 5 Minutes
  • teachermadcuzbad – 200 Points
  • emotionaldamage – 80 Points
  • itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower – 150 Points
  • 100klikes – 10x Points for 10 minutes

Expired Codes

  • sus – 30 Points
  • 75klikes – 150 Points
  • 20mvisits – 200 Points
  • 160kmembers – 100 Points
  • intensesilence – 50 Points
  • beatbox – 30 Points
  • 140kmembers – 120 Points
  • 80klikes – 50 Points

How To Redeem Codes In The Presentation Experience?

  • From your device open the presentation experience.
  • Once you open you will see the Twitter icon.
  • Now click on the Twitter icon.
  • Once the code box button is showing.
  • Now copy the code from our article and paste it into a code box.
  • If the code is active and valid you will get a reward.

Do you want more “the presentation experience” codes?

So that’s so simple to get more reward codes, simply bookmark our article we will update this article soon when the new code is released by game developers. Also, another option is to join the discord server to stay up-to-date with the presentation experience.

Game Description

Welcome to the presentation experience, Basically, this game is a presentation game. you are in class and you are a student playing a presentation role as a student. You will get a random subject to give your presentation.

But the difficult and funny point is when you are giving your presentation than other students will interrupt you. Like they will, screaming, coughing, raging, farting, partying, and doing other many things. After every 5 seconds, you will earn points and from these points, you can interrupt the presentation.

  • If you join Roblox premium you will earn faster points.
  • If you have your own private server then you will earn 2x points.
  • If you see any bug in a game then please report us.
  • Developers: NikkoCoder (Building, Game idea, UI, Scripting, Animations) Azureoptix: (3D Modeling, Building).

So that’s all about Roblox and the presentation experience, I hope our article is really helpful for you to easily play and enjoy the presentation experience.

If you have any questions or want to ask us something please tell us in the comment section we will reply to you.

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