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Hero Wars Tier List: Hero Wars Best Heroes Guide

In this post, we are going to share with you the best hero wars tier list. Now read this article and know more about the hero war tier list to become a good gamer.

Now collect heroes and upgrade them to collect their equipment and win every battle. Every single player has their own power and type of equipment. Down below we are going to share with you here war tier list.

Down below I share the hero war player table and their role and stats to know more about them and easily play a game. Our article helps you to pick the right team on Facebook and mobile version.

Hero Rank Hero Stats
Keira A Marksman Agility
Heidi A Mage Intelligence
Jhu A Marksman Strength
Andvari A Support, Control Strength
Dorian A Support Intelligence
Isaac A Support, Control Agility
Cleaver A Tank, Control Strength
Helios A Mage, Support Intelligence
Orion A Mage Intelligence
Lian A Mage, Control Intelligence
Nebula A Support Agility
Sebastian A Support Agility
Junea A Healer, Mage Intelligence
Qing Mao B Warrior Agility
Ziri B Tank Strength
Peppy B Mage, Support Intelligence
Fox B Marksman Agility
Corvus B Tank Strength
Alvanor B Support, Mage Intelligence
Faceless B Mage, Control Intelligence
Cornelius B Mage, Support Intelligence
Elmir B Warrior, Marksman Agility
Jet B Support, Healer Intelligence
Satori B Mage Intelligence
Galahad B Tank Strength
Rufus B Tank, Support Strength
Kai C Mage Intelligence
Markus C Healer, Support Intelligence
Phobos C Mage, Control Intelligence
Luther C Tank, Control Strength
Morrigan C Healer, Support Intelligence
Thea C Healer Intelligence
Astrid and Lucas C Warrior, Marksman Agility
Dante C Marksman Agility
Ishmael C Warrior Agility
Arachne C Warrior, Control Intelligence
Ginger C Marksman Agility
Daredevil C Marksman Agility
Mojo D Mage, Support Intelligence
Chabba D Tank, Control Strength
Judge D Mage, Support Intelligence
Artemis D Marksman Agility
Lilith D Tank, Control Strength
Dark Star D Marksman, Control Agility
Jorgen S Control, Support Strength
Aurora S Tank Strength
K’arkh S Warrior Agility
Celeste S Healer, Control Intelligence
Yasmine S Warrior Agility
Martha S Support, Tank Intelligence
Astaroth S+ Tank, Support Strength
Krista S+ Mage Intelligence
Lars S+ Mage, Control Intelligence

So this is the hero wars tier list. I hope after reading this information you can select the best hero war player and win every battle.

If you want to win battles then you must need to focus on the best war players and upgrade them and play with them to win battles. Every single player has their own powers and equipment.

So when you know which team is strong so then you can easily select the perfect team to win every single battle and down your enemy’s team. So we share with you almost all player’s list and their details to understand everything

In Hero Wars, you play the role of a hero to clear the land from enemies and take control of the land. You will take care of the land. The enemy exists as a large group of many masters. To win the game you have to kill all the enemy bosses.

Here is a list of the best Hero War Heroes or Hero Battle levels in terms of the ability and skill of mobile heroes. Starts with S and then A, B rank, C, and D rank S means the strongest hero. One of the best hero war and best RPG games. Building a good team is the only way to perform well in this game. And to build an effective team, you need to know the list of hero wars.

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