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Higan Eruthyll Tier List & Reroll Guide (July 2024)

In the world of Higan: Eruthyll, a captivating gacha game awaits, brimming with many diverse characters ready to be summoned. Amid this vivid ensemble, each character is meticulously categorized into classes, igniting the crucial quest of assembling the most formidable team.

The abundance of choices might prompt the query: “Which characters reign as the finest in Higan: Eruthyll?” also, read our Higan Eruthyll redeem codes guide to get rewards.

Higan Eruthyll Tier List and Reroll Guide

The Higan Eruthyll tier list is combined into different classes for your knowledge of which character performs well, and you can easily select them. Assembling these characters judiciously results in the formation of formidable teams.

Delve further into our guide to discover which characters have ascended to the upper echelons of the Higan: Eruthyll tier list.

Higan Eruthyll Tier S

  • Ceaser
  • Media
  • Screamer
  • Gyldan
  • Sirslet
  • Kear
  • Moetesju
  • Eluya
  • Liv

Higan Eruthyll Tier A

  • Armand
  • Fene
  • Ciamkom
  • Rita
  • Basell
  • Kloar

Higan Eruthyll Tier B

  • Black
  • Follett
  • Nuno
  • Eupheria
  • Rooco
  • Isa
  • Codier
  • Kueen

Higan Eruthyll Tier C

  • Alore
  • Hathor
  • Mommel
  • Cella
  • Ume
  • Eiserne
  • Mireya
  • Asa

How do I Reroll in Higan Eruthyll Game

If you want different characters when starting in Higan: Eruthyll, performing a reroll is the key. Follow these straightforward steps, though the simplest method requires starting with a guest account.

Otherwise, creating a new account each time is necessary. Here’s how to perform a Higan: Eruthyll reroll:

  • Log in to Higan: Eruthyll using a guest account.
  • Complete the tutorial and claim your rewards.
  • Visit the summon page and expend all your in-game currency.
  • If content with the characters summoned, you can bind your account. If not satisfied:
  • Go to the settings tab.
  • Access the ‘User Centre.’
  • Select ‘Delete Account‘ and confirm your choice.
  • Log in using another guest account and repeat the steps above repeatedly until you get it.

Rerolling in Higan: Eruthyll allows you the chance to secure the characters you truly desire from the onset, ensuring a more personalized and enjoyable gaming experience.


We share a complete tire list of which heroes perform well and guide you on how to reroll and get the best results. If still you have a question, feel free to ask in the comment section, and we will answer. Soon, we will update this list if the developer adds more character or make any change in heroes.

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