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Blue Archive Tier List Updated April 2024

Here is the blue archive tier list for the global English version. Ultimately, we guide you on the blue archive tier list to learn more about tiers and play games without any problem.

Once you know the tier list, it is not difficult for you to select any blue archive player in your game, and it is also easy for you to spend your resources on that player.

In the blue archive game, there are 4 types of tiers s+, s, a, b, c, and d. The 4 character work is healer, attacker, tank & supporter. So, it’s not easy to build a stronger team. Read this blue archive tier list and make your stronger team; you need a healer, attacker, tank, and support to play.

Blue Archive Tier S+

In the blue archive, the s+ tier is the best; in the top tier, you can select players from this tier.

  • Haruna: Gehenna, Atacker, Striker, Back
  • Hibiki: Millennium, Atacker, Specialist , Back
  • Iori: Gehenna, Atacker, Striker, Back

Blue Archive Tier S

This one is the second tier in the blue archive. In this tier, there are many good characters available.

  • Karin: Trinity, Atacker, Specialist, Back
  • Hanae: Healer, Trinity, Specialist, Back
  • Hina: Gehenna, Atacker, Back, Striker
  • Nonomi: Abydos, Atacker, Back, Striker
  • Serina: Trinity, Healer, Back, Specialist
  • Shun: Shanhaijing, Atacker, Back, Striker
  • Kotama: Millennium, Support, Back, Specialist
  • Tsubaki: Hyakkiyako, Tank, Striker, Front
  • Aru: Gehenna, Atacker, Striker, Back

Blue Archive Tier A

In this “tier a,” the characters are average. Not bad, but not good from the previous tier.

  • Junko: Gehenna, Atacker, Striker, Middle
  • Haruka: Gehenna, Tank, Striker, Front
  • Maki: Striker : Millennium, Back, Atacker
  • Midori: Millennium, Atacker, Striker, Back
  • Hoshino: Abydos, Tank, Striker, Front
  • Akari: Strike: Gehenna, Middle, Atacker
  • Yuuka: Striker: Millennium, Front, Tank
  • Akane: Millennium, Support, Middle, Striker
  • Fina: Hyakkiyako, Back, Striker, Atacker
  • Momoi: Millennium, Atacker, Striker, Middle
  • Chise: Hyakkiyako, Atacker, Striker, Middle
  • Serika: Abydos, Atacker, Striker, Middle
  • Hifumi: Trinity, Support, Striker, Middle
  • Saya: Shanhaijing, Support, Specialist, Back
  • Izuna: Hyakkiyako, Striker, Front, Atacker
  • Shiroko: Abydos, Middle, Atacker

Blue Archive Tier B

This tier character is not bad and not good. Their performance is average.

  • Fuuka: Gehenna, Healer, Specialist, Back
  • Sumire: Millennium, Atacker, Striker, Front
  • Chinatsu: Gehenna, Healer, Specialist, Back
  • Hare: Millennium, Support, Specialist, Back
  • Tsurugi: Trinity, Atacker, Striker, Front
  • Ayane: Abydos, Support, Specialist, Abydos, Back
  • Izumi: Gehenna, Atacker, Striker, Back
  • Neru: Millennium, Atacker, Striker, Front
  • Hasumi: Trinity, Atacker, Back, Striker
  • Kotori: Millennium, Support, Striker, Back
  • Eimi: Millennium, Tank, Striker, Front

Blue Archive Tier C

In the C tier, the character is below average, Their performance is okay.

  • Mutsuki: Gehenna, Atacker, Striker, Back
  • Shizuko: Hyakkiyako, Support, Specialist, Back
  • Mashiro: Trinity, Atacker, Specialist, Back
  • Utaha: Millennium, Atacker, Specialist, Back

Blue Archive Tier D

D tier character is a lowers character i mean worst tier character.

  • Asuna: Millennium, Atacker, Middle, Striker
  • Suzumi: Trinity, Support, Striker, Middle
  • Yoshimi: Trinity, Atacker, Pecialist, Back
  • Juri: Gehenna, Support, Specialist, Back
  • Airi: Trinity, Support, Specialist, Back
  • Shimiko: Trinity, Support, Specialist, Back
  • Kayoko: Gehenna, Support, Striker, Middle
  • Arisu: Millennium, Atacker, Striker, Back


That’s all. I hope this blue archive tier list guide helps you select players. We share with you in detail to understand which character is perfect for you and has good powers to play. In a feature, if the blue archive updates their character and their powers, we will also update this article for feature readers.

If you have any questions or know more about the blue archive, share in the comment section; other Blue Archive players will read more about the blue archive. Also, share this with other friends if they playing the blue archive game.

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