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Exos Heroes Tier List (July 2024) Best Characters Ranked

Are you looking for a complete character Exos Heroes tier list? We have got you covered! We have also included their elemental abilities so you can make an informed decision when assembling your team.

Exos Heroes has captivated players with its incredible soundtrack and a cast of unique and dynamic characters. Selecting the exemplary character for each task is an integral part of the gaming experience, and this game provides plenty of options for players.

With such an impressive lineup of characters, Exos Heroes will surely be a hit with gamers. So, let’s look at the complete Exos Heroes character tier list.

Exos Heroes Tier List

A tier list for Exos Heroes is an invaluable resource for any player. It ranks all heroes according to their offensive abilities, team composition, and other factors. Whether you’re looking for a powerful damage dealer or tank support, this tier list will help you find the heroes that will help you succeed.

Exos Heros Tier S+

Characters Element Role
FateCore Anastasia Frost Support
FC Hekin Chaos Fire
FC Uloom Machine Defensive
FC Tantalo Nature Defensive
FC Lepin Frost Support
FC Rera Nature Chaos
FC Iris Light Support
Garff Light Defensive
FC Adams Darkness Offensive
FC Bathory Frost Offensive
FC Luke Fire Chaos
FC Ramge (First Guardian) Darkness Support
FC Shufraken Darkness Defensive
Dorka Machine Chaos
Neomi Nature Defensive
Bathory Frost Offensive
FC Annie Fire Offensive
Blue FC Baraka Machine Chaos
FC Scarlet Fire Offensive
FC Magi Fire Offensive

Exos Heros Tier S

Characters Element Role
FC Rachel Fire Offensive
Black FC Baraka Machine Chaos
FC Zeon Frost Offensive
Magi Fire Offensive
FC Jinn Machine Chaos
FC Baileysh Darkness Chaos
Shufraken Shadow Defensive
Baraka Machine Chaos
FC Rudley Nature Offensive
Rachel Fire Offensive
FC Valarr Nature Defensive

Exos Heros Tier A

Characters Element Role
Bernavas Mecha Defensive
Jinn Machine Chaos
Uloom Mecha Defensive
Talia Nature Healer
Anastasia Frost Healer
FC Deva Machine Chaos
Sabrina Fire Offensive
FC Xiakhan Frost Defensive
Bernadette Frost Offensive
FC Mahar Machine Defensive
Kaya Nature Support
FC Ramge (Awakening) Darkness Support
Chati Nature Defensive
Rera Nature Chaos
FC Emma Shadow Healer
Rudley Nature Offensive
Jinai Nature Chaotic

Exos Heros Tier B

Characters Element Role
Xiakhan Frost Defensive
Ramge Darkness Support
Kylock Darkness Chaos
Baileysh Shadow Chaotic
Sharpei Darkness Chaos
Valentina Frost Chaos

Exos Heros Tier C

Characters Element Role
Mahar Mecha Defensive
Shell Mecha Healer
Emma Shadow Healer
Valarr Nature Defensive

Exos Heros Tier D

Characters Element Role
Rudley Nature Offensive
Neomi Nature Defensive
Bernadette (Melting Ice) Frost Offensive
Baraka (Awakening) Machine Chaos
Range (Awakening) Darkness Support


That’s all about the Exos heroes tier list. Now, you can easily make decisions when you take new heroes in your team. We will update this list when new heroes are available, or some changes are made to this list.

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