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Hero Wars Karkh Team

Karkh is the best player in hero wars. In this article, we will discuss the Karkh team. The strength of the Hero Wars Karkh team is in the ability to increase Karkh’s hero and inflict a lot of damage. He plays well against a lot of meta teams and has almost nothing to compete with unless you use the inside.

In this article, I will share with you some teams to know more about them and defeat your enemy with these teams.

Team 1: Nebula, Astaroth, Faceless, Jet & Karkh

Karkh Critical Hit Team is a very strong team that is having a hard time getting out of enemy tanks and you want to end the fight quickly. The problem with building this team is that you can consistently win multiple times and win battles or be really unlucky and not get many critical hits and interesting battles.

Karkh is so powerful team. I also test this team and I am always winning with this team in battles.

Team 2: Jorgen, Astaroth, Martha, Karkh & Faceless

They are probably karkh best defense team because Jorgen provides more defense than Nebula. Although Karkh damage is not as great as that of the Nebula, Karkh helpful face will do enough damage to kill the enemy team.

Jorgen will be better at defense and be aggressive at times because he can defend his team while negating the enemies’ energy. Jorgen is especially good against high-priority tank enemies that use their functional capabilities to prove their usefulness, such as goldhand or cleaver.

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Team 3: Karkh, Faceless, Astaroth, Nebula & Martha

The Karkh team works well when you are in the arena or guild war attack. This is because the nebula will greatly increase the damage to the carp with its shining skills and functional pattern.

It’s okay to be unfaithful to Karkh because he can mimic Karkh abilities and throw enemy heroes into the air and Karkh can do even more damage. So if you want to protect karkh from enemies then astaroth & Martha is the best selection.

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Team 4: Kai, Martha, Karkh, Astaroth & Faceless

This is another tree in the Karkh scroll. It is probably the best opportunity to use Kai in the Heroes War game because he is usually not very good, but if you are angry and want some extra hooks that Kai can offer you, you can use them with Kharh.

Otherwise, Kai won’t do much, and you’re dead if you go against Andorra while forming this team. This is because he will reject the knock of the three heroes, namely Kai, Karkh, and faceless.

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  1. hi, id like to set up a khark team for grand arena. i like team 2 because most of those heroes would be availabe in my setup, but asteroth isnt free. what alternative tank (other than asteroth and aurora) would you recommend? luther?


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